The first round of the BKSwap Trading Reward event was officially launched on Nov. 29(Event tutorial: Come to make a transaction with BKSwap and get up to 3X BKB trading bonus! You may also get Juventus swag gift packs!

BitKeep has launched a blind box section in our wallet app for us to hold blind box events now and then. During each event, new users who create a wallet on BitKeep will have the opportunity to get blind boxes and harvest their first digital assets.

BitKeep, as the world’s first mobile wallet that supports the Arweave mainnet, will provide Arweave users with a more convenient transaction method and ecological project participation experience. Users who update BitKeep to V6.6.3 can directly participate in ecological projects for trading through BitKeep. At the same time, in order to promote BitKeep’s global market strategy, BitKeep will fully support the creation of the most complete Arweave ecosystem and grow together with Arweave.

Dfinity’s ICP is a high-performance blockchain network with a cloud platform Serverless positioning. Through excellent consensus algorithm and architecture design, and self-developed programming language polished after various optimizations, ICP can ensure the security and high performance of applications on the network.

It’s been brought to our attention that there is a fake BitKeep app in Google Play. The fake app, named “BitKeep Wallet cryptocurrency”, has an identical interface as out legit BitKeep app, asking users to import their mnemonic phrases or private keys. Deceived users may suffer a financial loss. BitKeep hereby warns all users to download BitKeep app via our official website (

BitKeep brand new blind box officially launched on 13 Dec, 2021, new rules, unique invitation link, the more you invite, the more rewards you will get. No limits of the rewards, get a change to get generous BKB.

BitKeep will join hands with 10 projects from the Metaverse to hold a Christmas & New Year Festival Blind Box event, and distribute BKB and NFTs with a collective worth of 360,000 USDT. The event will last for 8 days, with a total of 10 Metaverse projects working with BitKeep.

No one knows what will happen with Web3, and most Web3 users have no idea what they want, just as it took Web2 users a long time to realize that their privacy was being violated with such recklessly. The recent flood of funding for privacy projects has actually brought the need for privacy to the forefront and made more people aware that in the future, a better Internet will require privacy.