BitKeep LaunchPad (WVC) Whitelist Is Open for Application
In this 9th BitKeep Launchpad project dedicated to WVC, there will be two rounds of subscriptions with one for whitelisted users. Don’t miss the chance to get rich with WVC! Interested users please follow BitKeep on Twitter and finish the specified tasks to apply for a whitelist spot.

BitKeep Twitter:

Users please update your BitKeep app to the latest version V7.1.3 to participate in this event. More info about the project can be found in the community:

Discord: Discord – A New Way to Chat with Friends & Communities

BitKeep LaunchPad (WVC) duration:

15:00 (GMT+8), 12 July, 2022 – 15:00 (GMT+8), 13 July, 2022
Token Name: WVC(BSC) Amount to raise: 30000 USDT Price: 1 WVC /0.1 USDT


The first round (For whitelist)Duration:15:00-19:00 (GMT+8), 12 July, 2022

Quota: 10,000U

Price: 0.1 USDT

Spots: 50; 200U/spot

Token supply: 100,000

Eligibility: Whitelisted users (Follow Twitter and join the community to know how to apply for a whitelist spot)
The second round (pro rata):Duration:19:00 (GMT+8), 12 July, 2022 – 15:00 (GMT+8), 13 July, 2022

Quota: 20,000U

Price: 0.1 USDT

Token supply: 200,000 Quota per capita: 50 USDT-2,000 USDT (In the event of over subscription, the investment will be refunded proportionately.

Eligibility: N/A

How to participate

Scan the QR code to download the latest version of BitKeep app;

1. Create a wallet/import a wallet

Users who already have an encrypted wallet can import the previously generated wallet into BitKeep using private key or mnemonics. Users who have never created a wallet please follow the steps below to create it.

Create a wallet

1) Launch BitKeep app. Tap Create a New wallet. Read all the tips and check the prompt in the bottom, and tap “I have backed up”;

2) Verify your backup. Tap Confirm, then Enter Pin Code.Please keep the mnemonics properly. It is recommended to use a notebook to write down the mnemonics and put it away;BitKeep does not store your mnemonics on its server. Once the mnemonics get lost, you won’t be able to recover your assets, and BitKeep cannot help you recover your wallet.

3) Add Mainnets and tap Confirm. Now you are ready to try out BitKeep.

Import a wallet

You are going to need your private key or mnemonics to import a wallet. Do not copy it to the clipboard or there will be leaking risks. You’d better write the words down on a piece of paper and then input them manually. Here’s a step-by-step instruction:Launch BitKeep. Choose “Import an existing wallet”. Input your mnemonics or private key, then input your wallet password;

2.How to participate Launchpad events

You can find LaunchPad along with Quotes, Swap, and Bridge under the Swap section of BitKeep Wallet app. Don’t forget to update the app to the latest version, and set the language as you like.
1) Launch BitKeep app, select Discover, tap Settings, then tap “Language” to switch the language as you like, as shown in the following figure:

2) Tap Swap in the landing page, then tap Launchpad. In the Launchpad page, you can see there’re “Active Offers”, “Upcoming Offers” and “Past Offers”. Under Active Offers, learn about the project and read the risk warning, then tap “Confirm” to participate in the event.

About Warrior Viking (WVC)

Warrior Viking, the first game based on Norse mythology where you can venture through several different biomes looking for enemies to kill and earn rewards and exchange for $WVC.The $WVC Token was designed to mainly maintain the game’s economy, allowing you to exchange it for GOLD, a digital currency that serves to buy various items directly on our platform, such as Whitepaper:






WVC distribution:

Total Supply 600,000,000

About BitKeep

BitKeep, as the top decentralized multi-chain digital wallet in Asia, integrates Wallet, Swap, NFT Market, DApp and Discover in a single location. BitKeep Global Inc. was founded in Singapore in May 2018. The company now serves nearly 6 million global users worldwide, covering nearly 168 countries in North America, Europe, and Asia. With 70+ main chains, 10,000+ DApps, 100,000 NFTs and220,000+ tokens supported, BitKeep is dedicated to creating the world’s largest Web3.0 gateway.

Contact Us:

Discord: https: //

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