BitKeep & Arbitrum

The decentralized multi-chain wallet BitKeep now supports the Arbitrum mainnet. BitKeep will provide users with a one-stop experience of Arbitrum wallet creation, token transaction, DeFi, DApp navigation, and more.


01:00 am (GMT+8) on June 29th – 00:59 am (GMT+8) on July 5th


Yield Protocol:Complete Yield Protocol tasks to get an Arbitrum Odyssey Voters NFT. To obtain the exclusive Arbi-verse NFT, you need to complete all three tasks on the GMX website. That means you have to complete all three tasks to get both NFTs.

GMX Tutorial:


Users need to add the Arbitrum mainnet in their BitKeep wallet in advance.

Tap to view the tutorial about creating/importing an Arbitrum wallet on BitKeep:

1. Tap Dapp, and enter Yield Protocol in the search bar or search for

Tap Confirm to enter the DApp, and tap Get Started;

2. You need to borrow, loan and add liquidity.

  • Tap BORROW to borrow $100 or above worth of assets using supported collateral for any maturity series;
  • Tap LEND to lend $50 or above worth of assets to any maturity series;
  • Tap POOL to add liquidity of $50 or above worth of assets to any maturity series.

*Note: This is not investment advice. Please do your own research!

BitKeep & Arbitrum Odyssey, Week 2 -- A detailed guide to GMX task
Join the BitKeep community to grab an Arbitrum Red Packet 

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