SHC Airdrop Carnival

Sponsor: Exclusively sponsored by ShellCoin, this event offers 10 million SHC tokens for you to grab. All BitKeep users holding both SHC and BKB are eligible.

Time: June 13, 2022

Venue: BitKeep app

Reward: 10 million SHC tokens


A total of 10 million SHC tokens will be rewarded to BitKeep users holding both SHC and BKB. The amount of rewards for each user will depend on the amount of SHC and BKB in his/her account;

  1. BitKeep users who hold SHC will split a part of the reward pool;
  2. BitKeep users who hold BKB will have the chance to get 5U worth of SHC;
  3. Users who own SHC and conduct Swap transactions will get rewards in proportion to the transaction volume;


  1. The users must download the BitKeep app and create/import a wallet;
  2. The users must hold SHC and BKB in their BitKeep wallet. A snapshot will be taken on June 13, 2022;
  3. The 500 users who hold the most BKB will be rewarded;
  4. Users must use BitKeep wallet to hold these two tokens and make Swap transactions or you will not be eligibility for the reward.
  5. BitKeep owns the final interpretation right of this event.

Participation process:

  1. Before the day of taking snapshots, users import the address with SHC to their BitKeep wallet, or create a new wallet to hold SHC;
  2. A snapshot will be taken on June 10, 2022;
  3. Receive the token airdrop reward;
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