Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) is proud to announce that we have added PlatON (LAT), a mainnet that integrates blockchain, privacy computing and artificial intelligence technology, to the list of supported mainnets.

Through the support provided, Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) will provide PlatON (LAT) users with a convenient means for token transaction, DApp ecosystem participation, and more. Users are now able to participate in related projects and trade through Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep). At the same time, Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) will support more projects from PlatON (LAT), representing the PlatON (LAT) mainnet in its full glory. In the future, the partnership between PlatON and Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) will certainly go further.

Note: Upgrade your Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) wallet app to 7.0.7 to experience the PlatON ecosystem.

How to Add PlatON (LAT) in Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)

  1. Launch Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) app. Tap ALL in the upper right corner to enter the mainnet selection interface. Tap Add Mainnet, select PlatON (LAT) and tap OK;

2. Enter wallet password, then return to the wallet page. You are done with the addition.

Go back to the wallet home page and select ALL to view all the mainnets that have been added.

About PlatON (LAT)

The privacy-preserving AI network PlatON is initialed and promoted by Singapore LatticeX Foundation. It is a next-generation Internet infrastructure based on the blockchain and backed by a privacy-preserving computing network. “Interoperability” is a core feature of PlatON. PlatON provides a common infrastructure in an open source architecture for global developers and data providers in the realms of intelligence and distributed applications to meet the diverse needs of organizations, communities and individuals.

PlatON aims to build applications that protect data privacy, address data compliance issues in AI applications, and develop smarter AI applications. Facing the era of universal digitalization, the mainnet strives to create an infrastructure with sufficient privacy protection for transaction statistics, algorithms, and computing power. PlatON focuses on areas where data is closely connected to people – including finance, biotechnology and government affairs.


About Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)

Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep), as the top decentralized multi-chain digital wallet in Asia, integrates Wallet, Swap, NFT Market, DApp and Discover in a single location. With a user base of nearly five million across 168 countries and regions, Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) forged strategic partnership with multiple top 30 public chains (including Polygon, Solana, BSC, ETH, HECO, OKChain, TRON, Fantom, WAX, IOST, AVAX, zkSync, Terra LUNA), becoming their authorized wallet. With 40+ main chains, 10,000+ DApps, 1,000,000+ NFTs and 4,5000+ tokens supported, Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) is dedicated to creating the world’s largest Web3.0 gateway.

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