The Polygon Consensus allows Polygon ecosystem developers and millions of crypto holders around the world to embrace the future of Polygon together. Polygon Warrior Minting Whitelist will be open for application on May 17.

Polygon Warrior is a PFP NFT from the Polygon ecosystem which represents Polygon’s ambitious vision and prosperous community, it also represents the identity of Polygon believers. A total of 10,000 Polygon Warriors will be minted with 100 MATIC each, and an address can mint up to 5 Polygon Warriors. Sixty days after the Mint event ends, participants can revoke the minting and get 100 MATIC back on the official website.

Go, brave Polygon Warrior, Go!

How to apply for a whitelist spot

Complete any one of the whitelist tasks

  • (February 5th – May 5th) Make a transaction with Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) Swap
  • (February 5th – May 5th) Make a transaction on Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) NFT Market
  • Participate in gleam activities (the whitelist will be revealed on May 16th)

Gleam event URL:

How to trade with Swap: Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) Swap Tutorial 

How to use NFT Market:  NFT Market Tutorial – English 

Benefits for the Whitelisted Users 

  • Whitelisted users will be able to mint on May 17 (as opposed to May 18 for other users)
  • Whitelisted users can mint up to 10 Polygon Warrior NFTs (the maximum for non-whitelisted users is 5)

Benefits for Early Adopters 

  • Within 30 days after the minting evet starts, 100 holders will be selected in a lucky draw every day to get a reward of 100 BKB
  • The chance of getting BKB is affected by luck points.
  • You can get luck points by completing invitation tasks.

Note: You must activate your Cloud Wallet to claim the BKB reward.

How to Get Luck Points 

  • The more people you invite, the more luck points you’ll get, and the better chance of getting BKB you’ll enjoy.
  • Number of invitees: 0 – 0% higher chance
  • Number of invitees: 1 – 20% higher chance
  • Number of invitees: 2 – 50% higher chance
  • Number of invitees: 3 and more – 100% higher chance

Note: The more luck points you get, the greater the chance of getting BKB. 

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