Amidst the uncertain crypto market downturns, Bitget Wallet aims to infuse excitement into the relatively placid market conditions. Teaming up with AI PEPE KING, we are thrilled to announce a BTC lottery event. Whether you are a seasoned Bitget Wallet user or a newcomer, here is your chance to pocket a whopping 1 BTC weekly!

Event Period

  • First phase: 00:00, September 1st, 2023 – 23:59, September 7th, 2023 (GMT+8)
  • Second phase: 00:00, September 8th, 2023 – 23:59, September 14th, 2023 (GMT+8)

Participation Procedure

1. You may utilize the $AIPEPE tokens from the previous airdrop event hosted by Bitget Wallet and AI PEPE KING on Galxe or simply swap more than 8 billion $AIPEPE (equivalent to about $1) via Bitget Swap.

2. Transfer a minimum of 8 billion $AIPEPE (equivalent to about $1) from your Bitget Wallet to the BTC lottery prize vault address: 0x6d2967C14219C58ECb619bd2712629294e1f7A53

Note: Transfers from non-Bitget Wallet addresses do not qualify for the lottery draw.

3. Every Bitget Wallet address is limited to a single transfer during the event. The minimum transfer amount must be over 8 billion $AIPEPE (equivalent to about $1). The larger your contribution, the higher your winning chances.

4. Rally your troops by inviting existing or new Bitget Wallet users to join the lottery draw! When any team member strikes gold, the alliance splits a hefty reward of up to 1 BTC. The more, the merrier; there is no cap on team size! Here is how:


Acquiring $AIPEPE

1. Launch Bitget Wallet, click “Swap”, and search for “AIPEPE”.

2. Tap “AIPEPE” to view the token details, and select “Buy” to proceed.

3. On the Swap page, input the $AIPEPE transaction amount. To be safe, input 8.1 billion units and ensure it doesn’t drop below 8 billion units. Click “Confirm” and enter your authentication password to complete the transaction.

Please note: To be eligible for the lucky draw, the minimum transfer amount must be more than 8 billion $AIPEPE during the event period.

Transferring to the BTC Lottery Pool

1. Navigate to the AIPEPE token page and select “Send”.

2. Copy and paste the BTC lottery pool’s address – 0x6d2967C14219C58ECb619bd2712629294e1f7A53 – to the recipient. Send a minimum of 8 billion $AIPEPE and finalize with “Confirm”.

Lottery Drawing

1. If the cumulative prize pool reaches 1 BTC during any phase of the activity, that phase will conclude prematurely. Within 48 hours, a lucky participant will be selected to claim 1 BTC.

2. If the cumulative prize pool doesn’t reach 1 BTC by the end of a phase, one lucky participant will still be chosen within the next 48 hours, receiving the entirety of the accumulated prize pool.

3. Lottery mechanics: Snapshot will be taken at 11:59, September 9th (GMT+8). The golden number will be the reverse order of the last three digits of Bitcoin’s latest block height * the last three digits of Ethereum’s block height. The last digit of the latest Bitcoin block height determines the number of digits selected from this golden number. If the last digit is 0 or 1, one digit is chosen; for 2 or 3, two digits are selected; for 4 or 5, three digits are used; if the number is 6 or 7, four digits are taken; and finally, if it’s 8 or 9, five digits are considered.

If the latest Bitcoin block height is 521 and Ethereum’s is 521, their multiplication results in 271,441; the reverse order becomes 144,172. Given that the last digit of the Bitcoin block height is 1, only one digit will be picked. Therefore, the one-digit pick of the winning number 144172 is 1, which means the first user who submits the transfer wins.

If the latest Bitcoin block height is 164 and Ethereum’s is 649, their multiplication results in 106,436; the reverse order becomes 634,601. Given that the last digit of the Bitcoin block height is 4, three digits will be picked. Therefore, the three-digit pick of the winning number 634,601 is 634, which means the 634th user who submits the transfer wins.

Note: If there are not enough participants to match a drawn 5-digit number, the value at 23:59, September 9th (GMT+8) will serve as the recalibration benchmark.

Bitget Wallet holds the right to the final interpretation of this event. Any participant found using improper methods or cheating may have their event rewards and redemption qualifications revoked upon verification.

Thank you for your support and trust in Bitget Wallet. We look forward to launching more exciting reward campaigns in the future and your continuous participation. To all interested stakeholders looking to sponsor the Bitget Wallet BTC lottery event, please get in touch with [email protected].

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