🌍 Celebrating the rebranding of Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) to Bitget Wallet, we are excited to launch the Global Trailblazers Program! Through this program, every Trailblazer will not only receive certain rewards but also enjoy the prestigious title of a Bitget Wallet brand Trailblazer. Together, we strive to establish and enhance the power of crypto in your cities/local communities and bring more people into the world of Web3! 🌐💪This program aims to bring together crypto enthusiasts who are passionate about Bitget Wallet and believe in their ability to contribute to the development of a decentralized future. Whether you are passionate about establishing and managing local communities, developing comprehensive blockchain education courses, organizing local online and offline events, or spreading the word about Bitget Wallet on various community and social media platforms, we sincerely invite you to join our Trailblazer Program.🙌

💼We have different tiers of Global Trailblazers:

🤝 Emberlings

Emberlings are the starting point for all Trailblazer levels. As an Emberling, you will be responsible for promoting Bitget Wallet in your local Web3 community and online channels. Your tasks include:

  • Build and maintain close connections with the local Web3 community
  • Share the latest products, features, and updates from Bitget Wallet
  • Encourage participation in Bitget Wallet activities and promotions among local community members
  • Assist in organizing and participating in online and offline events

🏆 Flamespirits

There are three roles for Flamespirits. You can apply and pass the assessment to become a Flamespirit based on your skills and interests. As a Flamespirit, you will take on more responsibilities and challenges to expand the influence of Bitget Wallet in your area. Flamespirits include:

  • Flamespirits – Community Moderator: Responsible for community operation and user acquisition in your local area
  • Flamespirits – Blockchain Course Instructor: Localize and teach Bitget Wallet’s courses in the community
  • Flamespirits – Online Event and Offline Gathering Organizer: Develop and execute online and offline community gatherings/sharing sessions in your local area

🚀 Phoenix Ascendants

For outstanding Flamespirits, there is an opportunity to be promoted to Phoenix Ascendants. As a Phoenix Ascendant, you will become a key representative of Bitget Wallet in your area, taking on leadership and strategic planning roles. Your tasks include:

  • Acting as the regional lead, coordinating and managing the work of Flamespirits and Emberlings
  • Establish close collaborations with major local Web3 communities and industry leaders
  • Design and execute strategic promotional activities to enhance the visibility and community growth of Bitget Wallet
  • Sharing key market information and competitive dynamics, providing strategic advice for the local development and expansion of Bitget Wallet.

In addition to the roles mentioned above, all Trailblazers must:

  • Have a comprehensive understanding of Bitget Wallet’s products, mission, and values
  • Actively represent and uphold the Bitget Wallet brand on the internet
  • Support all content released by Bitget Wallet

🎁Benefits of being a Global Trailblazer:

While the Global Trailblazers Program aims to bring together passionate supporters who genuinely care about Bitget Wallet and its mission, we encourage trailblazers to join not solely for these benefits but for their genuine passion. However, we do our best to seek more benefits for each trailblazers.

  • Exclusive NFT , showcasing your identity and achievements as a Bitget Wallet Trailblazer
  • Launchpad Whitelist (level-dependent)
  • Opportunity to participate in the testing of unreleased products or activities
  • Opportunity to communicate with other Trailblazers and members of the Bitget Wallet team, including C-levels (level-dependent)
  • Opportunity to participate as regional representatives in Bitget executive meetings(level-dependent)
  • Opportunity to represent Bitget at conferences (level-dependent)
  • Monthly salary in USDT and Platform token rewards (level-dependent)

📝How to apply?

If you’re ready to shape our global community, fill out the form below and let’s build an open and innovative world of cryptocurrencies together! We look forward to having you on board.

🌟💪Application Form

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