Elon Musk, a trailblazer in the cryptocurrency arena, is renowned for his influential actions that often ignite new trends in the world of meme coins. In a recent move, Musk replaced the iconic blue bird logo of the famed social media platform, Twitter — a symbol recognized for nearly 17 years — with a singular ‘X’. This change spawned the inception of the $XXX token, a fresh meme coin that has rapidly captivated the interest of the crypto community. In a bid to empower more users to reap the benefits of this buzzing meme coin’s early profit opportunities, Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) is introducing a rewarding initiative for those holding and trading $XXX, offering a whopping 1.2 billion $XXX tokens as part of the share. The event operates on a first-come, first-served basis, so time is of the essence. Immerse yourself in this thrilling opportunity by joining us now!

Event Period

19:00, July 27th – 19:00, July 31st (UTC+8)

Event Details

1. Newcomers Exclusive: Hold and trade $XXX to win $XXX airdrop rewards

During the event, transfer any amount of $XXX to your Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) wallet and trade at least $10 worth of $XXX on Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) Swap to win an airdrop bonus of between 3 and 10 million $XXX tokens. This reward is limited to the first 100 users on a first-come, first-served basis.

I. Display and deposit $XXX

Tap the “+” icon on the Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) Wallet homepage, search for “XXX” and tick the box to display the token. Return to the homepage and press “XXX” to access the token details page.

Select “Receive” and transfer your XXX tokens to Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) Wallet by either copying the address or scanning the QR code.

II. Swap

Press the search icon on the Swap page. Search for “XXX” and tap it to view the token details. Choose either “Buy” or “Sell” to proceed.Please note: To be eligible, your cumulative Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) Swap transactions must be at least $10 worth of $XXX during the event period.

2. Engage in trading activities and share the 666 million $XXX tokens prize pool

During the event, all users who trade at least $10 worth of $XXX on Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) Swap will qualify to share in a reward pool of 666 million $XXX tokens. The event prize pool is distributed according to the users’ proportion of $XXX transaction volume. All users who meet the participation criteria are guaranteed to win the event rewards.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The event is only for $XXX trading users.
  2. Users must complete at least 10 USDT worth of $XXX transactions to participate.
  3. Each device is only eligible to receive the event reward once.
  4. All event rewards will be distributed within 7 working days after the event’s conclusion.

Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) holds the right to the final interpretation of this event. Any participant found using improper methods or cheating may have their event rewards and redemption qualifications revoked upon verification.

Thank you for your support and trust in Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep). We look forward to launching more exciting reward activities related to innovative assets in the future and your continuous participation.

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