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With the successful deployment of Lido V2, users will now have the ability to withdraw their staked $ETH on Lido, further amplifying the growth potential of LSDFi. The AI market is actively seeking speculative opportunities, and the introduction of OpenAI Internet functions signals the official arrival of the AI app store. The current meme coin market is undergoing a fresh surge of enthusiasm, as evidenced by the remarkable one-day increase of 155,763.54% in the leading project $WAGMI. This frenzy surrounding meme coins has now extended to the Bitcoin market, leading to bold speculation that the meme season’s explosive trend may manifest in the realm of Bitcoin.

In the past week, a total of 39 new projects were added to our online database. The chart below shows the top performing projects in the past week and reflects the overall increase over the last week.

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This week, LSDx Finance announced the integration of zkSync Era, and on-chain data suggests that three whales have been continuously buying 1.95 million $LDO during this time. Moreover, the total amount of staked coins on the Ethereum network has achieved a new record, surpassing 20 million coins. Notably, the downward momentum that had been prevalent in the market has shown signs of weakening over the past few days. Furthermore, with the successful implementation of Lido V2, individuals staking $ETH on Lido will now have the ability to withdraw their funds. As a result, we continue to perceive significant growth potential in the LSDFi ecosystem.

LSDFi concept tokens:

  • Liquid Staking Derivative ($LSD)

LSDx aims to optimise the financial value of pledged derivative (LSD) assets, addressing their limited liquidity and lack of diversified financial solutions that prevent them from connecting to various DeFi protocols.
LSDx Finance will integrate zkSync Era to enhance the efficiency and privacy of its platform and further improve its portfolio of capital efficiency and Defi in the future, benefiting from the continued rise in LSD segment fundamentals.

  • Origin Dollar Governance($OGV)

Origin Protocol has launched Origin Ether (OETH), an ETH yield aggregator that optimizes returns between LSD and ETH liquidity on leading AMMs. This is expected to significantly increase the APY of ETH LSD. Origin Dollar Governance ($OGV) serves as the appreciation and governance token for OETH, and stakeholders can vote on collateral allocation, future income strategies, and fees for OETH holders.

  • Lido DAO ($LDO)

Lido DAO provides a decentralized liquidity staking solution for users, supporting Ethereum and other PoS chains. It allows staked assets to remain liquid, enabling them to earn additional yield in other DeFi applications.
According to Lookonchain monitoring on May 16th, three whale addresses increased their holdings by approximately 1.95 million $LDO in the past week. This influx of significant funds into the ecosystem indicates the continued interest and confidence in the growth potential of the LSDFi track, drawing attention from large-scale investors.

AI Conception:

The intersection of artificial intelligence and Web3 has witnessed a growing connection, as exemplified by the collaboration between Sam Altman’s OpenAI and Worldcoin, along with prominent media outlets actively promoting their endeavors. Notably, GPT, as a prominent representative of AI technology, has played a pivotal role in driving significant traffic and financial resources into the realm of Web3 and its associated domains.

AI conception coin:

  • Render ($RNDR)

During a consecutive series of days, the market experienced oscillations as it diligently sought out speculative hotspots. One such notable example was $RNDR, which actively utilized social media platforms to promote its AI rendering capabilities for images and animations. Bolstered by its strong fundamentals, $RNDR captured the market’s attention, particularly with the favorable news of Apple’s forthcoming launch of VR products in June. This positive development propelled $RNDR to surge by 18% within a single day, accompanied by a trading volume that doubled that of the previous day.

  • Image Generation AI($IMGNAI)

This week, OpenAI will be opening up its internet connectivity and numerous plugins to all ChatGPT Plus users. This will allow ChatGPT to access the internet and use 70 third-party plugins. On Wednesday, the web browsing feature will be officially opened up for Plus users, and the AI application store has arrived, causing a collective surge in the AI sector, with IMGNAI rising 34% within 24 hours on the same day.

  • Optimus AI($OPTI)

Elon Musk made a significant stride in the robotics industry by unveiling the new model of Tesla Bot humanoid robot project, named Optimus, via Twitter and a promotional video. This unveiling marked a crucial milestone for both Tesla and the broader robotics sector.
During the Tesla investor presentation, Musk wore a shirt with “$OPTI” printed on it and mentioned that OPTIMUS AI is the Tesla robot concept coin, which had a positive impact on the trading volume and token price of $OPTI. The token experienced a significant surge in trading volume, accompanied by a notable 28.5% increase in token price on that specific day. These announcements further demonstrate Tesla and Elon’s investment and commitment to the robotics field, and highlight the potential and attractiveness of $OPTI tokens.


In every major market, there emerges a cryptocurrency hype that embodies the MEME culture, like Doge, SHIB, and others in the past. However, this time, the MEME hype has introduced innovative changes. Additionally, with the involvement of established exchanges like Binance and OKX, this transformation has the potential to dominate discussions during the bull market. BitKeep will continue to provide up-to-date information to its users as new market hotspots emerge.

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