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The “Power of B, 2023 Annual Airdrop Plan” launched by BitKeep and Bitget is almost over. If you receive these three NFTs (“Swap”, “Flip”, and “Futures”) in your wallet, it means that you are one step closer to the mysterious rewards of this activity. And we will reveal the mysterious rewards later.

Now, you need to open the BitKeep Wallet to claim the rewards you have won in the trading activities.

So far, 3 exquisite NFTs, “Swap” NFT, “flip” NFT, and “Futures” NFT, have been distributed to the wallet addresses of participants who have completed the corresponding tasks. In addition, the futures rewards have also been awarded to all users, including futures experience credits, deposit rewards, and pool sharing rewards, which have been distributed to eligible user accounts. Congratulations to all!

Here’s a description of the 3 NFTs distributed in the trading activity:

“KEY” NFT holders can use BitKeep Swap to trade during the activity period. Users who have traded a cumulative amount of ≥ 100 USDT during the activity period have been airdropped with “Swap” NFT.

“KEY” NFT holders can use the BitKeep NFT market to trade or place limit orders for NFTs. During the activity, users who have traded with a cumulative value of ≥ 100 USDT or a cumulative quantity of greater than 2 have been airdropped with “Flip” NFT. The “Flip” NFT is divided into four levels in descending order of value: diamond, gold, silver, and bronze.

“KEY” NFT holders can create a futures account in the “Bitget Futures” on the BitKeep DApp, and engage in futures trading. During the activity, users who have traded a cumulative amount of at least 1,000 USDT will be airdropped the “Futures” NFT. The “Futures” NFT will be divided into four levels in descending order of value: diamond, gold, silver, and bronze.

Here is a relevant tutorial that can help new and old BitKeepers to add, view, and trade “Swap” NFTs, “flip” NFTs, and “Futures” NFTs:

View the airdrop of “Swap” NFT, “Flip” NFT, “Futures” NFT

1)Open the BitKeep wallet, tab “NFTs” on the homepage, and then tab the “+” symbol.

2)Swipe left to select “Polygon”, tab “My NFT”, and then select “Swap / Flip / Futures – Power of B”. Return to the homepage of the wallet to see the successfully displayed NFT in the wallet.

If you tab “My NFT” and there is no NFT option labeled “Swap / Flip / Futures – Power of B”, it means that you did not receive the airdrop. If you want to collect NFTs with the label “Swap / Flip / Futures – Power of B” to receive future airdrops, you can easily purchase them on the BitKeep NFT market.

Trade “Swap” NFT, “Flip” NFT, “Futures” NFT

1) If you want to trade “Swap” NFTs, “Flip” NFTs, or “Futures” NFTs, BitKeep NFT Market is your best choice. Here, we will use the example of selling a “Swap” NFT to demonstrate. Tab the “NFTs” on the homepage of your wallet and select “Swap – Power of B”. Choose “Sell” and enter the selling price, and then tab “Next step”.

2) Choose the time for placing an order, tab “Next step” again to view the transaction details, and then tab “Confirm”. Your NFT will then successfully be listed on the BitKeep NFT market! Of course, if your “Swap” NFT is successfully purchased by someone else, you will lose the opportunity for the mysterious airdrop later on!

Please note that trading NFTs requires to pay MATIC as transactions. If your wallet does not have sufficient MATIC tokens, you can use BitKeep Swap for cross-chain trading or or use fiat currency to buy tokens through OTC. You can also transfer MATIC from an exchange or other wallet to your BitKeep wallet.

If you have any questions about NFTs such as “Swap,” “Flip,” or “Futures,” or “Power of B, 2023 Airdrop Plan” launched by BitKeep and Bitget, please join our Discord discussion group (https://discord.gg/Znpgv3rBKC).

In addition, our Power of B activity landing page (https://keepshare.xyz/power-b-airdrop?lang=en&_needChain=matic) has been launched, and you are welcome to check out the NFTs you received! Let’s collect NFTs together and unlock the mysterious surprises of the future!

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