The PO100M (Proof of the first 100 Million Blockchain Trading Interaction) limited edition SBT jointly issued by Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) Wallet and PlanetIX will be officially launched on May 5, 2023. The event will last two weeks and end on May 18 at 24:00 UTC. As participants and contributors to the “100+ million interactions” data, we have witnessed PlanetIX’s brilliant achievements on the Polygon chain. Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) and PlanetIX officially provide you with this significant medal to commemorate that PlanetIX has successfully taken over 1/10 of the total interaction volume on the entire Polygon chain and became the first NFT asset with over one billion interactions on the whole network. This medal has witnessed the efforts and achievements of PlanetIX, and it is also our common glory. Be part of the honor now with Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)’s free Mint PO100M.

Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) NFT market is PlanetIX’s most important market and strategic partner, continuously holding more than 85% of the total transaction volume of PlanetIX. Through the Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) NFT market, users can easily purchase PlanetIX using any asset on Polygon and receive this commemorating medal.

To repay the continuous support and accompany of Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)ers and PlanetIX community partners, anyone who downloads the Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) wallet can freely mint the PO100M limited edition SBT and receive multiple token rewards. All users who have purchased or sold PlanetIX can participate in the Mint activity and receive token airdrops.

Click to participate:

Please note that PO100M is a Soulbound Token (SBT). Once it is generated, it will be permanently bound to your wallet. This token cannot be listed, traded, or transferred to another wallet.

The conditions to get the PO100M limited edition SBT are as follows:

  1. Planet IX NFT holders or users who have traded Planet IX NFT
  2. $IXT holders or users who have traded $IXT
  3. snapshot time: before May 4th, 2023.

⚠️ Note: Each device is limited to claim once, and SBT medals can only be received through Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) Wallet.

The benefits of the PO100M limited edition SBT include:

  1. PO100M NFT holders can receive an additional 1 GasU airdrop (each GasU can avoid 3 Miner fees for transactions);
  2. Users can get random airdrops rewards;

About GasU:

GasU is essentially a gas certificate for cross-chain transactions. Web3 users do not need to use the mainnet tokens to pay for gas when Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) cross-chain interactions, and can be deducted by GASU uniformly.
Note: The distribution of GasU requires the user to activate the Cloud Wallet in advance. It will be distributed uniformly within 7 working days after the event ends.

For cloud wallet activation and GasU tutorial, please refer to the following link:

Welcome to download the latest version of Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) Wallet and participate in the activity to win limited edition SBTs and token airdrops!

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