This week, we released the latest version, BitKeep 7.3.4. In this update, we have added the Sui Network. BitKeep Swap now supports the function of Limit Order on multiple chains. The NFT market has added aggregation of orders on 4 chains of Opensea. Additionally, we have upgraded the wallet’s security and risk control system to provide users with more comprehensive and reliable protection for their assets.

The focuses of this update are as follows👇

Limit orders on BitKeep Swap, more flexibility to on-chain swap

Unlike previous instant Swap transactions at real-time market prices, version 7.3.4 offers users a more flexible on-chain swap feature: Limit orders. By integrating the 1inch limit order protocol, BitKeep Swap now allows users to pend orders at specified prices on multiple chains such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Arbitrum.

With this update, users can freely switch between limit orders and market orders when conducting on-chain transactions, enabling them to better control their trading strategies and effectively avoid uncertainties caused by market fluctuations. Limit orders provide more options and control for users who prefer to actively determine their own swap prices without relying too much on market conditions. Users can specify their desired transaction price when pending orders. It also supports setting the order’s validity time, changing the receiving address, and one-click order cancellation and batch cancellation to meet users’ trading needs in different scenarios with a more flexible and convenient transaction selection.

>> BitKeep Swap now offers one-click limit order, freeing you from the need to constantly monitor the market

Further Upgrade for Wallet Security and Risk Control System

We have further enhanced wallet security and risk control system in the following ways:

  • Through App signature parsing, key transaction information is displayed more clearly and intuitively, which is convenient for users to understand the operation and transaction details, and helps them avoid wrong behaviors caused by information asymmetry.
  • Integration with the Go+ security service can identify potential high-risk wallet addresses and malicious DApp links, and remind users to guard against financial risks.
  • Added an active alert function for phishing risks. Once phishing behavior is detected, we will immediately issue a warning to users to help identify and avoid phishing scams.

We have also improved the security of contract trading account management. When using the DApp zone – Bitget contract, your account will be protected by a 24-hour asset lock-in time when changing the bound contract account address and withdrawing tokens.

NFT Market aggregates 4 on-chain orders of OpenSea

With the release of this new version, BitKeep NFT market has added support for order aggregation on four chains on the Opensea market, including Polygon, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, and Optimism. Before this, the BitKeep NFT market had already implemented order aggregation on the Ethereum chain. BitKeep users can now place pending orders on the Opensea market within the platform and view the price fluctuations and transaction features of different assets on Opensea in real time.

The BitKeep NFT market, through its independent construction of a trade market and aggregator integration, provides users with innovative and rich NFT resources within the platform while also compatibility with mainstream NFT markets such as Opensea. Users can easily browse and trade NFT assets on Opensea on BitKeep, view market prices on different chains, place buy and sell orders, track the price fluctuations of target assets, and adjust their trading strategies based on real-time market conditions. All this can help users make more flexible and precise trading decisions and improve their trading experience.

In the future, BitKeep NFT market plans to further aggregate liquidity from mainstream NFT trading markets and build a more dynamic NFT trading asset pool and user traffic pool, promoting the liquidity of NFT assets across the industry.

In addition, we have also optimized and upgraded key functions of the NFT market, including the collection of NFTs on the homepage, the ranking and minting section on the NFT market page. We have also improved the batch launch function, and enhanced the overall interaction experience. Users can view their NFT collections and popular assets on the market in a more transparent and intuitive interface and conveniently place pending orders to trade NFTs.

These are the new features and optimizations of version 7.3.4; we hope they will bring a better wallet experience for everyone. We will continue to update our products to provide the best experience for users in the Web3 world!

Reminder: Before updating the App, please ensure the wallet data has been backed up and the mnemonic phrase/private key has been stored offline. Be sure to download and upgrade through official channels.

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