The BitKeep NFT marketplace now supports Cat & Mouse transactions to reward its users. BitKeep is launching a 10-day trading reward event starting on April 28th. Everyone can win Cat & Mouse NFT airdrop rewards by trading Cat & Mouse through the BitKeep NFT market.

Click here to access the Cat & Mouse collection: Cat & Mouse Collections | BitKeep NFT

Activity time: 18:00, April 28th – 24:00, May 8th

🏆Trade to win Cat & Mouse NFT:

  1. During the event, trade Cat & Mouse through any wallet address using the BitKeep NFT market to participate.
  2. The distribution rules are as follows:
Top 1-5 users who participated in the ranking of Cat NFT trading volume on that dayEach person will receive a Cat NFT airdrop
Top 1-10 users who participated in the ranking of Mouse NFT trading volume on that dayEach person will receive an airdrop of Mouse NFT
5 users will be randomly selected for placing orders or purchasing NFT (not limited to Cat or Mouse) on the dayEach person will receive a random NFT airdrop

A new round of transaction statistics will start at 00:00 the next day, and users can participate repeatedly every day.

The specific rewards distribution time and winner list will be announced on BitKeep’s official Twitter within 5 working days after the end of the event.

Download the latest version of BitKeep and participate in the event to win GasU!


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