As a “qualified” crypto enthusiast, you must have participated in the meme coin carnival, when Elon Musk tweeted for Dogecoin $DOGE, or when $SHIB rose 16 times in a week and maxed out social media. Since the rise of Meme currency in 2013, there has still been demand for some of these sought-after tokens, and their value has skyrocketed every year. This is due to the ability of Meme currency to spread virally at exponential rates, as well as its profitability and overall hype.

This week, the BitKeep Meme Zone has selected 50+ coins including SHIB, PLEB, GENSLR, DOOMER, etc. Trade any of these meme currencies on BitKeep and earn up to 1,000 LZBG + 100 GASU rewards!

Activity time:

April 25th 20:00-April 29th 20:00 (UTC+8)

Participation rules:

Using the BitKeep wallet, use Swap to trade a minimum amount of [Meme zone currency] and earn the corresponding double rewards of LZBG+GASU!

Rewards are distributed in proportion to the volume traded and is divided into 5 corresponding reward tiers:

Trading volume(USDT)LZBG award(pieces)GASU award(pieces)
10,000>X≥ 1,000103-10
1,000>X≥ 50052

*Investments involve risk, please make your decisions carefully

About LZBG: LZBG is the LayerZero official token exchange certificate jointly issued by Bitget X BitKeep. Holders of LZBG will be eligible to exchange officia LayerZero tokens in the future.

About GASU:1:1 pegged to USD, GASU can be used to offset gas fees of 50+ public chains and will be consumed in accordance to the gas fees of each main chain. The amount of GASU consumed per transaction will be calculated in real time.

GASU Deduction Tutorial:

1. Transfer and use in BitKeep

If you hold GASU in your cloud wallet, GASU will be automatically used to deduct the gas fee when transferring funds. It is more convenient to not reserve the main network currency for each main network as the gas fee.

2. Swap and use in BitKeep Swap

Regardless of Swap or cross-chain scenarios, the Gas fee is automatically used to offset the exchange fee to process each of your transactions and obtain the best transaction price.

3. Use when purchasing and selling NFTs

Support 8 public chains with 220,000+ NFTs, and automatically use GASU to deduct Gas fees when buying or selling NFTs, making transactions easier.

Trading Tutorial:

1) Download the BitKeep wallet, click [Swap], swipe left to find the list category, and find the [Meme] area;

2) Select any currency you want to trade in the special area, click to enter the currency K-line details page, and click [Buy];

3) After jumping to the Swap page, select the currency pair you want to trade, fill in the transaction amount, click [Confirm], and enter the transaction password to complete the transaction.

Note: To participate in this activity, your accumulated Swap transaction amount must reach at least 100 USDT during the activity period, otherwise you will not be able to get any rewards.

Reward Terms and Conditions

1. Users must create a BitKeep cloud wallet to obtain GASU rewards, and use BitKeep Swap to make at least one 100USDT equivalent Swap transaction in the Meme zone during the event;

2. Users who meet the transaction rules will randomly receive GASU rewards in the corresponding range according to their total transaction amount during the activity period;

3. Each device participating in the event can only receive the event reward once;

4. LZBG and GASU rewards will be distributed within 7 working days after the event ends.

BitKeep has the final right to interpret this event. If participants have any improper means or cheating, once verified, BitKeep reserves the right to withhold event rewards and redemption qualifications.

Thank you for your support and trust in BitKeep. More activities relating to popular assets will be launched in the future, and we look forward to your continued participation.

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