I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.
——William Ernest Henley

Dear BitKeepers:

With the support of everyone, BitKeep has gone through five years. BitKeep, originally a cryptocurrency wallet that provides everyone to deposit and transfer tokens, has now grown into a Web3 gateway with 10,000,000 users worldwide. Over the past five years, we have been continuously exploring how to provide users with a more secure, faster, and more user-friendly transaction experience. BitKeep Swap has launched micro-innovations such as one-click cross-chain, Gas loans, and global RFQ. BitKeep NFT market has launched functions such as batch transfer, selling, GASU deduction of transaction fees, and purchasing with any token, which can greatly improve the NFT transaction experience. These innovations have also brought BitKeep proud achievements – the cumulative transaction volume of Bitkeep Swap and NFT market has reached $8 billion.

Although the cryptocurrency industry is full of turbulence, we have encountered setbacks during this period. However, we firmly believe that by always putting users first and valuing their core needs and demands, users will be willing to recognize and accompany BitKeep’s growth.

BitKeep owes all of its achievements to the trust and strong support of its users. In order to repay everyone and let the old BitKeepers share in our development achievements, and to enable more people to have on-chain identities and professional reputations, as well as connect value in the Web3 world through BitKeep, we will BSTB (‘B’ Soulbound Token – Buddy) which allows everyone to enjoy rich benefits.

One of BitKeep’s advantages is that we have the broadest Web3 ecosystem and the richest official benefits, so we can provide you with services of GASU deduction in transaction fees covering 90+ mainstream public chains, eligibility to lock in popular public chains’ airdrop in advance, rebates for purchasing popular NFT projects, high-quality FreeMint project whitelist, contract transaction deposit rewards, and more. Of course, BitKeep’s ecosystem and the exclusive benefits that we can provide will continue to expand in the future. We hope to provide all the above services that can bring practical benefits and value to you through BitKeep’s BSTB.

In addition, BitKeep has been committed to creating a more user-friendly, rich, and versatile Web3 super gateway that allows users of all public chains to interact seamlessly with the most popular ecosystems and build their on-chain profile without the need for constant switching. By holding BSTB, any functions used or contributions made on BitKeep will leave footprints and become part of BitKeep’s growth, and you will receive mysterious rewards from BitKeep based on your contributions in the future…

Holding BSTB = Owning BitKeep Supreme Black Card

What is BSTB?

In May 2022, Vitalik Buterin and two Microsoft researchers jointly authored a paper titled “Decentralized Society: Searching for the Soul of Web3”, which discussed various usage scenarios of “Soul-Bound Tokens (SBT)”, including unsecured loans, social recovery wallets, soul drops, and DAO governance defense.

Soul-Bound Tokens can be understood as a special type of NFT token that, in addition to its uniqueness, also has the characteristic of being non-transferable. It can play a role in multiple application scenarios in the Web3 field.

The BSTB issued by BitKeep aims to better connect every crypto player who uses or wants to join BitKeep, providing users with BitKeep’s rich Web3 resources, secure and fast transaction environment, and sharing BitKeep’s development achievements, giving users rich benefits and material incentives.

Unlike other Soul-Bound Tokens, BitKeep will issue a series of Soul-Bound Tokens for users who make different contributions, and BSTB is the first phase – an honor NFT that users receive after inviting friends to BitKeep. Therefore, we will announce more Soul-Bound Tokens in this series in the future, so stay tuned!

What are the benefits of holding BSTB?

1. Soul-Bound DID (Decentralized Identity)

Once bound with BSTB, all of your on-chain activities conducted through BitKeep will be recorded, and the accompanying reputation system will make your on-chain identity information in the Web3 world non-transferable. Your interactions with all projects on BitKeep will have a highly intuitive visualization of contribution value, which will enrich your identity attributes in the entire Socialfi field, increase your personal influence value, and ultimately earn substantial reputation income.

2. Exclusive BitKeep Platform Token Airdrop

BitKeep has received a valuation of $300 million in the latest round of financing, and its global user base has exceeded 10,000,000 and is still growing rapidly. Therefore, the platform token that BitKeep will launch in the future is naturally highly anticipated by the entire cryptocurrency industry. As mentioned above, in order to share development achievements with everyone, BitKeep will give priority to airdrop platform tokens to users who have made long-term contributions to the platform’s development, so as to encourage more users to join us and build together. Users who hold BSTB can get the BitKeep platform token airdrop, so that the platform token can bring extra returns to everyone.

3. GASU and other high-quality asset airdrops

Users who have bound BSTB can get airdrop rewards for high-quality assets such as GASU for free, which can be used for the deduction of transaction fees in daily transfers, Swap, NFT and other transaction scenarios.

4. Airdrop Swap Vouchers for Popular Projects

BitKeep helps users lock in airdrops of popular projects in advance by issuing official token swap vouchers of popular public chains, such as the official token swap vouchers for the March-launched Arbitrum public chain ($ARBK) and Sui public chain ($SUIBG). The on-chain interaction heat of these vouchers ranks first in their respective ecosystems. Therefore, after obtaining BSTB, BitKeep will prioritize screening addresses that are bound to BSTB for airdrop quotas in popular project airdrop activities, and provide exclusive high-quality airdrops to loyal users who bind BSTB from time to time.

More benefits and future application scenarios of BSTB will be released successively.

How to get BSTB?

Please download the BitKeep wallet and invite three valid users (new users who fill in the invitation code and complete transactions of at least $100) to receive BSTB rewards.

Finally, the BitKeep team promises to continue working towards building a user-oriented, secure, and convenient wallet and trading platform. While leading the development of technology and ecosystems in the Web3 industry, we aim to bring a more promising future and higher value rewards to our users through BSTB.

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