The subscription of BitKeep’s first trending Launchpad project of 2023, GoSleep (ZZZ), has successfully launched on Bitget’s Arbitrum Launchpad and officially concluded on April 19, 2023, at 20:00 (UTC+8). Users who participated in the subscription and received ZZZ tokens can now withdraw tokens from their BitKeep Wallet and trade them on Bitget. Bitget offers all crypto users a secure, convenient, and high-quality trading environment.

Deposit ZZZ tokens to Bitget

*Requires a Bitget account. If you have not registered yet, click this link to register an account.

1. Click [Asset] and select [Deposit or buy crypto] > [Deposit crypto] on Bitget.

2. Search for [ZZZ] on the list of coins and click [Copy address]. The address is now copied for you to paste into BitKeep Wallet later.

3. Click [ZZZ] on BitKeep’s homepage to view token details.

4. Click [Send] and paste the [Bitget deposit address] on step 2. Fill in the transfer amount and click [Confirm]. Confirm again, and the tokens will be deposited in your Bitget account.

(Note: The above accounts are for testing purposes only and do not hold any real tokens.)

Limit trade on Bitget

*As ZZZ was not yet launched at the time of writing this guide, here we use ETH as the demonstration.

1. Click [Markets] and search for [ZZZ]. Select it to enter the trading page and choose [Sell].

2. Enter the limit price and trade amount, and click [Sell ZZZ] to create a pending order.


1. Click [Assets] and select ZZZ from the list to view more details. Click the token’s trading pair.

2. After entering the trading page, switch to the [Sell] tab. Enter the limit price and trade amount, and click [Sell] to create a pending order.

Risk Warning: None of the above content constitutes any investment advice. Cryptocurrency is a high-risk investment. Investors are advised to purchase cautiously and pay attention to investment risks. BitKeep will select high-quality tokens but does not undertake guarantees, compensation, and other responsibilities for the investment behavior. Digital asset futures trading is an innovative product with high risks and strong professionalism. Please judge your investment ability rationally and make investment decisions cautiously.

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