A decentralized identifier, or DID, is a fresh identifier that enables verifiable digital identities. Unlike standard identifiers like phone numbers, email addresses, and usernames, mainly released and overseen by external centralized authorities, a DID is decentralized, easily attainable, accessible, and configurable. With the rapid advancement of blockchain technology, virtually every Web3 user possesses their individual DID. While numerous DIDs are available on the market, Web3 users still favor personalized DIDs that correspond to the mainnet symbol, such as .eth for Ethereum, .bnb for BNB Chain, .apt for Aptos, and of course, .zk for zkSync.

.zk is a DID issued by zkSync Name Service (zkNS), the first naming service on the zkSync network. This naming service protocol was developed by Star Protocol, which is a social network aggregator and decentralized commerce infrastructure. Although zkNS may not be the official domain name service of zkSync, it’s still worth trying to obtain airdrop chances, as has been observed in the past. Popular domain name services like Ethereum Name Service (ENS) and SPACE ID have awarded airdropped tokens to domain holders.

Acquiring a zkSync DID serves a dual purpose – it makes you eligible for a possible zkNS airdrop and enhances your eligibility for zkSync token airdrops. BitKeep has provided a step-by-step guide to minting a DID on zkSync Era. Like the previous guide, you can perform all these actions on your phone using the BitKeep Wallet!

Add zkSync Era Mainnet

0. You may skip to the next section if you have already added zkSync Era Mainnet.

1. Launch BitKeep Wallet and select “All Mainnets” in the screen’s upper right corner. Tap “+ Add Mainnet” and input “zkSync” on the search bar.

2. Select the checkbox next to “zkSync Era” and confirm. Once you have successfully added zkSync Era, BitKeep Wallet will automatically switch to the new mainnet.

Mint your Web3 DID on zkSync Era

1. Select “DApp” to access the BitKeep DApp browser. Input “zkSync” on the search bar, select “zkSync Name Service (zkNS)”, and confirm.

2. As the zkSync Era mainnet has already been added to your BitKeep wallet, it will automatically connect to the zkSync Name Service DApp. Input your desired domain name and tap “Search”. If the domain name is available, you can proceed to mint it.

3. Choose the registration period for your domain name and confirm the transaction by tapping “Register with ETH”. If an error occurs, do not worry and wait a few seconds for a push notification from BitKeep indicating that the transaction is complete.

Tip: A registration period of 1 year will be sufficient to meet the minimum criterion of airdrop. Longer registration periods will increase your shares of the airdrop. The total cost is approximately $6 – $7, including gas fee.

View and Configure Your Domain Name on zkSync Name Service

1. After minting your domain name, return to the zkSync Name Service DApp homepage and select the “person” icon. Scroll down, and your domain name will appear here. Tap it to view the details.

2. You can extend the registration period and configure your personal details such as wallet addresses, personal website, email, and even NFT avatar. Tap “Confirm” to upload your details to the blockchain. A gas fee will be required.

Minting a domain name on zkSync Era is quick and easy with BitKeep Wallet, taking less than 3 minutes in total. By minting your own DID, you increase your eligibility for both zkSync and zkNS airdrops. Keep an eye out for more zkSync airdrop guides in the future, and remember to subscribe to stay up-to-date with valuable and exclusive information from BitKeep.

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