As the leading multi-chain wallet and Web3 gateway, BitKeep is committed to providing a secure and user-friendly platform for accessing the decentralized world. We are excited to announce the release of BitKeep v7.3.1, which introduces a host of new features and upgrades to enhance our users’ experience, including the newly-added Starknet, watch-only wallet, and the reimplementation of purchasing NFTs with any token. More importantly, our security system has been upgraded to support hardware wallets, and we have partnered with Certik to provide an additional layer of security for user assets.

The key features of the BitKeep v7.3.1 update are as follows👇

4 new mainnets added; find even better deals on BitKeep Swap!

To further extend the ecosystem of BitKeep’s multi-chain interoperability, BitKeep added four new mainnets: Starknet, Sui Devnet, Shardeum Liberty 2.X, and Conflux eSpace. Notably, Starknet is also the fourth ZK mainnet to be added to the BitKeep multi-chain ecosystem. On the road to contributing to the expansion of Ethereum’s Layer 2 (L2) scaling solution, we have taken one more step forward. With the addition of these new chains, BitKeep now supports over 90 mainnets, including the six ecosystems of EVM (L1), EVM (L2), Non-EVM, Cosmos, Move, and Bitcoin. After updating to the latest version, users can add and manage assets on the new mainnets and able to interact with the multi-chain ecosystem effortlessly.
How to add/switch the main chain?

BitKeep supports multiple chains simultaneously, and our most essential feature, BitKeep Swap, boasts cross-chain interoperability. Together, these characteristics enable users to interact across chains and manage their assets in a more efficient and effortless manner.

In version 7.3.1, BitKeep Swap was enhanced alongside Ethereum V2 to provide users with a smoother transaction experience and better prices via BitKeep’s exclusive DEX aggregator.

BitKeep DApp browser now aggregates the trading of futures contracts on Bitget Exchange, saving users the hassle of completing KYC and also providing a more comprehensive on-chain futures trading experience that comes with free-to-adjust leverage multipliers.

Added Watch-only Wallet

In this update, BitKeep has introduced a new feature called “Watch-only Wallet”. When importing a wallet, users can now choose the “watch-only” option and enter the corresponding wallet address.

A watch-only wallet does not require users to import their private keys. Instead, only a public address is needed. This allows users to monitor the asset balance and transactions of a specific address without actually interacting with the assets themselves. In watch-only mode, the private key is not stored on the user’s device, and users can only view the asset balance and transaction records. Users will receive a push notification when a new transaction is made, but no transfer can be done with a watch-only wallet. The brand-new watch-only mode perfectly complements BitKeep’s multi-chain interoperability ecosystem, which supports the importation of addresses from over 90 mainnets. There are two main scenarios for using watch-only wallets:

1. To monitor the status of asset balance without importing private keys or mnemonic phrases online, which is ideal for cold wallet management.

2. To monitor the status of specific smart contracts or other addresses. For example, some users like to track the public addresses of crypto whales and famous Web3 KOLs in order to gain insight into their asset movements and transaction records. Through watch-only mode, users can easily track and monitor the movements of mart money 24/7.

✨ It’s important to note that users do not have any control over watch-only wallets. When transferring assets, users must carefully check the target address and confirm the private key ownership of that address. Do not mistakenly transfer assets to watch-only wallets that are out of your control, as you will not be able to transfer those assets out of the wallet without the private key.

Revamped Functionality: “Purchase NFT with any token”

The NFT market is linked to Optimism, allowing users to access essential functions such as display, transfer, transaction, and data requirements. BitKeep introduced an innovative feature, “Purchase NFT with any token,” at an early stage, which will be reinstated in the upcoming release.

When trading NFTs on Ethereum, or various Layer 2 public chains like Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism, users may find that their wallet may have insufficient ETH to support the transaction. If one were to exchange ERC20 tokens for ETH to buy an NFT, it would be difficult to accurately calculate the full cost of purchasing and paying the gas fee, often leaving only a minimal amount of leftover ETH.

To avoid this, BitKeep unifies token and NFT transactions, simplifying user operations and reducing transaction costs. This feature also extends to the BNB Chain, where users can purchase NFTs with any BEP20 token, as well as all other public chains supported by the BitKeep NFT market.

How to purchase NFT with any token:After selecting the desired NFT to purchase in the BitKeep NFT market, switch to the preferred payment token on the purchase page to use the tokens held in your wallet for payment.

Integrate hardware wallets like Keystone

This new version has also put in a lot of effort regarding security.

We have integrated hardware wallets with QR code connections, Bluetooth, and other protocols. The mobile version supports mainstream hardware wallets such as Keystone. We aim to provide non-network solutions for managing wallet assets to find the optimal balance between security and convenience.
How to import Keystone to BitKeep

We have partnered with Certik for a security audit of related contracts, including BitKeep Swap and NFT Market, following our collaboration with SlowMist.

The BitKeep product line now includes web and plug-in terminals and the mobile version. Each version upgrade and experience optimization results from the hard work and dedication of the BitKeep team, who listen to our users’ feedback and carefully polish the product. If you encounter any issues while using the product or have suggestions for improvement, please do not hesitate to provide feedback.

Upgrade reminder: Please back up your wallet data, store your mnemonics and private keys offline, and download the product upgrade through official channels before updating the product.

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