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Meme is back, hotter than ever! Especially following the announcement that the public beta version of Shiba Inu Layer2 network Shibarium went live this week, we are even more excited about Meme’s market performance. From $PAW’s top spot last week to this week’s 20% pump in $BONE, MEME certainly deserves our long-term attention! In addition, Arbitrum and Polygon have also launched many new projects this week within the realm of DEXs, some of which have also doing well in the market.

In the past week, a total of 32 new projects were added to our online database. The chart below shows the top performing projects in the past week and reflects the overall increase in the recent week.

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Ordinal Doge($ODOGE)

$ODOGE is a Meme coin on ethereum. By combining Ordinals and smart contracts on Ether, $ODOGE is a Meme coin on the Bitcoin blockchain. The project is based on the PoS consensus algorithm, and Ordinal Doge boasts faster transaction times, lower transaction fees, and higher scalability than Bitcoin, among other features.
Since its launch, the price of $ODOGE has continued to climb, peaking at about 46 times its initial price. The price of $ODOGE has since receded slightly and has shrunk by around half, but it is still worth looking out for.


Shiba Inu announced that Shibarium, whose public beta will be released this week. Shibarium will use $BONE as the native token for paying GAS fees and medium of reward for validators and delegates. During the beta period, all tokens and products on the network will be used for testing purposes only. After the main network goes live, ShibaSwap will be integrated into Shibarium.
Spurned on by news of the test network, $BONE has challenged the trend by 20% on Gate and Poloniex Exchange. As one of the earliest 3 tokens in the SHIB system, the market seems very bullish on it.



$KWENTA has outperformed the broader cryptocurrency market, and its trading volume has continued to increase over the past 30 days. The token has rallied over 100% despite $GMX receding 6% in the same period.KWENTA is a decentralized synthetic derivatives exchange built on the Optimism Layer2 network.
As a native project of the OP chain, $KWENTA is an official partner of OP and is funded by millions of $OPs, with $OP rewards for platform trading pledges. The trading volume of the platform has been rising continuously since its launch, and the trading volume has reached 46M USD in the past 24h.

Level Finance($LVL)

LEVEL is a decentralized and non-custodial perpetual DEX on BNB Chain, focused on providing efficient risk management. The contract is clean and has no transaction tax rate. Product profitability has shown to be excellent, and is second only to GMX, ranked second, in the last 24 hours. Looking at the intraday trend, LEVEL has entered a stop-and-go trend with two consecutive days of rising trading volume.

Pendle Finance($PENDLE)

Pendle is a DeFi protocol that trades tokenized future returns on AMM systems. Built on Ether and Avalanche, Pendle recently announced an extension to Arbitrum, and unlocks the full potential of yield by allowing users to execute advanced yield strategies.
Pendle Finance has partnered with platforms including Aura Finance, Balancer, Lido and RocketPool to increase support for its assets. Pendle will bring advanced yield strategies and additional empowerment to GMX’s $GLP token on Arbitrum.


Optimus AI ($OPTIMUS)

Optimus AI ($OPTI) is a decentralized currency on Ether made on the day that the official Optimus Twitter channel was conceived. Optimus is a true community run token, and the project developers burns liquidity, revoking ownership over the token. Instead, similar to other tokens associated with Elon such as Shiba Inu or Floki Inu, Optimus is 100% community-based.
It recently went live with MEXC, LBank, with a 24-hour turnover of $1.9 million and $785,000 in liquidity, which is a good level of activity.


There’s a lot of hype around #Optimus tokens right now, and Elon has also favored $OPINU. It is also currently being tweeted by CZ Watch! On-line CMC and NFT minting is underway. Currently, its market cap sits at only 1.3 million, and buy-ins are still streaming in.
Optimus Inu ($OPINU) is a BSC project that has been online for several months. Due to the recent AI hype and Elon’s support of OPINU’s tweet last week, it has garnered a lot of market attention, leading to a strong rise in OPINU’s price. It traded at 346K in the last 24h, overtaking the liquidity pool in the short term and is expected to continue rallying further.


The return of Meme coins has received a lot of attention and the community is clearly very receptive of them. However, the prices of most Meme coins are underperforming, and have all declined to varying degrees compared to the prices at launch, so it is advisable to wait andobserve with caution. Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) will also set up a special section to share the latest information with all Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)ers.

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