To thank BitKeepers for all your support, BitKeep Swap is excited to announce that cross-chain swaps on the OP chain, as well as interactions with off-chain tokens are now available!
Additionally, BitKeep has also officially launched a month-long GASU + $ARBK reward event on March 6!
Call your friends in and win GASU and $ARBK together for this limited period! The more friends you invite, the greater your rewards will be! Importantly, there is no limit to the amount of available rewards. Good luck!

Duration:March 6,22:00 – March 31, 23:59 (UTC+8)
EntranceBitKeep App -> Discover -> Invite

How to get the GASU airdrop:

  1. Share your invitation link with your friends. Invite friends to download the BitKeep App to import or create a wallet;
  2. After your friend enters your invitation code within 168 hours and completes the first BitKeep Swap;
  3. During the event, every time the inviter successfully invites a friend to complete the first swap transaction, the inviter gets 1 GASU. The rewards are unlimited;

How to get the ARBK airdrop:

During the event, if the friends you invite spend $100 on the Arbitrum chain of the BitKeep wallet, both you and your friends will receive 1 ARBK airdrop each.
Note: Users who obtain ARBK by invitation will be 100% eligible to redeem future official Arbitrum tokens!


  1. Event time: March 6, 2023, 22:00 – March 31, 2023, 23:59 (UTC+8);
  2. During the event, an inviter can receive 1 GASU for each successfully invited friend who completes their first swap transaction. The friend can receive 1 ARBK airdrop reward if they accumulate a total transaction amount of $100 on the Arbitrum chain;
  3. GASU rewards and ARBK airdrops will be distributed within 7 working days after the friends meet the transaction criteria;
  4. If the inviter is a KOL or Knight who cooperates with the platform, you will not be able to get the inviter GASU this time; but your invited users can still get the GASU if they meet the conditions;

Note:BitKeep reserves the right to the final explanation of this event. If there is any improper invitations or behavior that violates the rules for inviting friends, qualification and rewards will be canceled once verified.

Rewards distribution:

Note: The distribution of GasU requires users to activate the cloud wallet in advance. GasU rewards will be automatically issued within 7 business days after the cloud wallet is activated.
Please refer to the following link for tutorials regarding cloud wallet activation and how to use GasU:

About GasU:

GasU is actually a gas credential for cross-chain transactions. Web3 players can use GasU to deduct gas fees via BitKeep cross-chain interactions without using tokens from each mainnet.

Welcome to download BitKeep’s latest version and join our carnival to win GasU!
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【Other regions】:

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