DeFi and AI buzz have both remained stable, holding steady at the #1 and #2 spots, with Meme notably returning to the top 3.

Several positive news reports regarding the AI sector received frequent buzz this week, triggering a second wave of rallies in the AI field. $0X0 has reaped over 72% gains from sharing so far, as well as significant valuation jumps in AI projects such as ALI, FUTUREAI, STAI, FET, AGIX, NMR and others all influenced by market sentiment. The AI field is looking good for the long run, especially with the entrants of internet giants into the space with the likes of Musk, Microsoft, and Google. In addition, SHIB L2 was in the spotlight this week, represented by PAW, which soared 748.58% this week, pumping both SHIB and PAWZ.

Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) Institute will continue to search for promising assets, which we will then analyse by comparing their backgrounds, price advantages and potential through a deep dive into their projects based on the data and conclusions provided by the Institute.

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AI concept coin:

Future AI($Future-AI)

The AI sector is once again on the rise with the release of Meta’s large scale language model for artificial intelligence, LLaMA, joining Silicon Valley companies such as Microsoft and Google in the AI race. Binance’s Twitter post on the introduction of ChatGPT and how it can help cryptocurrencies realize high adoption rates as well as increased exposure to AI concepts has also pumped this sector further. Future-AI is a fully decentralized, self-managed wallet protocol that allows users to easily and securely interact with tokens, all supported by outstanding risk analysis and smart contract management tools.

The Arbitrum transfer has been completed and currently supports BNB Chain, ETH, and Arbitrum tri-chain deployments. The project is currently already available on Hotbit, Bilaxy and Bitget, with trading volumes of $2 million per day, 0% tax and a cross-chain bridge about to open. It has great potential to grow in the future.

StereoAI ($STAI)

StereoAI ($STAI) is the first AI-powered music studio and an innovative project on the BNB Chain that combines the features and functionality of music, AI and Listen2Earn & Create2Ear blockchain concepts. The combined concept coin is promising in the AI track and is more attractive than standard AI models.

StereoAI was formed by the Doxxed team, which has expanded extremely well and completed all pre-sales on PinkSale in just 1 hour. It currently has a market cap of $100K while trading up to 1.1M and has now completed its transfer from BNB Chain to Arbitrum.

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SHIB L2 has been in the spotlight this week, with DEX on Shibarium turning on a storming pull.

Pawswap, a decentralized exchange built on top of the Shibarium ecosystem, has been getting a lot of attention this week with an incredible 740% gain.

Having been just recently listed on Gate, PAW token has risen nearly 3x in 24 hours, with a clear wealth effect and over $5 million in market-wide trading volume in the past day. The community is currently trading the token with great enthusiasm. Once PAWSWAP strengthens its top position in the SHIB ecosystem, it may even see growths of up to 100x.

Doge Killer($LEASH)

Doge Killer ($LEASH) is a token in the SHIB ecosystem and is the second most popular token after Dogecoin. Recently, Shiba Inu’s lead developer changed his Twitter profile to “Shibarium Beta or soon to be launched”, triggering a surge in Shibarium L2’s concept coin.

There was a price hike of LEASH after the team reduced the supply of LEASH to just 107,646. The advantage of this scarcity model is that the price of LEASH can increase dramatically when people’s interests in tokens spike. As one of the first 3 tokens in the SHIB family, LEASH is highly likely to be further bolstered in future L2 developments.


Pawzaar is the NFT marketplace for the Shiba Inu ecosystem and NFT enthusiasts. The NFT market has picked up this week due to the buzz around the BTC NFT concept and $PAWZ, which has a dual SHIB + NFT concept, and is up steadily for the week. As a new project, recent data monitoring has found that its funds and flows are in net inflow. The current market cap of the token in this segment is small and the inflow of funds can easily bring about a larger increase in coin price.

The SHIB L2 is expected to benefit the SHIB sector as a whole, with the rallies of SHIB, BONE and others. Additionally, its NFT concept is likely to further add to this boost. The SHIB ecosystem will likely receive a lot of traffic and funds after the the NFT market is officially launched. Keep holding strong!


Ordinal BTC($OBTC)

Recently, BTC NFT has become a new trend followed by NFT creators. Ordinal BTC ($OBTC) is an bitcoin-based non-homogenous BTC NFT trading marketplace that allows users to mint non-homogenous tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain. The first BTC Ordinals-style OTC custodian marketplace on Ether, PA has held up well so far, with fees generated by their platform going to the holder.

Ordinal BTC is set to become the leading OTC marketplace for Ordinals and Inscriptions on the Ether blockchain. As an early BTC NFT concept token, the market is not large and it is easy to pull the market. Coupled with the news that Yuga Labs announced the issuance of NFT in BTC, it is waiting for a spike at any time with the inflow of funds.

Republic Protocol($REN)

Since the release of BTC NFTs by Ordinals, the hype for BTC Layer 2 has been fuelled by expectations, with Yuga Labs announcing the release of 300 BTC NFTs called “Twelvefold”, generating hype for BTC Layer 2 in the community. Major research institutions Messari and Delphi Digital began their research enthusiasm for Ordinals, and traditional web3 media Cointelegraph, Decrypt, Coindesk and Foresight have increased their exposure to BTC Layer2, creating a fission effect of traffic.

As a BTC board token, $REN has more than doubled its trading volume on weekdays, and the community is highly hyped. It is currently seriously undervalued, so you may opt to pay attention to it.


Sovryn is a Bitcoin-based trading and lending platform. Sovryn is global, transparent and trustless, as it is secured by the Bitcoin network, with Bitcoin as the original asset. It is vertically integrated, so trading, lending, borrowing and revenue farming are all available on one application. It is also integrated with EVM-compatible smart contracts, providing a bridge from the ethereum development community to bitcoin’s second layer.

Subject to the BTC NFT board anomaly, the last three days have continued to carry volume higher and market attention is gradually rising.


RLY Network($RLY)

The latest data shows that $RLY price has risen 111.94% in the last 24 hours and is now trading at $0.030413. In the last 7 days $RLY price has risen 144.47%.

Following the announcement of RallyIO’s closure, RLY’s focus remains on the development of the RLY community and ecosystem, including existing protocols, tokens and new initiatives. The closure of RallyIO will have no impact on the ecosystem, with the community having over 20MM USDC and over 7B RLY in funding.

RLY Network plans to work with Polygon, Solana, Flow and more main networks for ecosystem and community development, completing multi-chain deployments.


MakerDAO has recently announced the positioning of Spark Protocol as a competitor to Aave. At the same time MakerDAO has deployed lower fees for the RETH-A vault through its latest executive vote, reducing the stabilization fee from 1.5% to 0.5% and increasing the debt cap from 5 million DAI to 10 million DAI.

Maker’s strategy has been focused on integrating $DAI exclusively into the leading #DeFi protocol, and Aave is about to launch its own DeFi stablecoin, $GHO – an obvious competitor to $DAI. More importantly, Maker is about to launch EtherDAI, a synthetic liquid staring derivative (LSD) of ETH and a core part of Maker’s plans.


TrueFi is an ethereum DeFi credit protocol that facilitates unsecured lending. Importantly, all lending activity on TrueFi is fully transparent, allowing lenders to have full visibility of participating borrowers and the flow of funds participating in TrueFi.

With $130 million in TUSD minted over the past seven days, TUSD’s market cap surpassed even that of Frax ($FRX), the native stablecoin of the decentralised financial protocol Frax finance. TUSD’s market cap has grown by 15% in the last week and is now the fifth largest stablecoin.

This increase is due to people associating TRU with TUSD, which, should be noted, was a stablecoin once issued by TrueFi in the past.


The launch of ChatGPT has accelerated the investment and research and development of AI by major Internet companies. Continuous news reports are expected to focus on this space in the future, positioning AI as one of the main sources of hype throughout the sector in 2023. AGIX, the leader of the AI sector, has been adjusted for 20 consecutive days from the previous high. The trend of re-breakthrough, the wealth effect of AI-related concepts on the chain and the increase in transaction activity can all be reasons for you to consider entering into this sector early. Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) will also be the first to set up a special area to share the latest information with all Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)ers.

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