In this third guide of the Arbitrum series, we’ll walk you through obtaining your unique Web3 identity on Arbitrum.

Before proceeding with this guide, make sure to check out the previous two guides on the cross-chain bridge and Discord roles. In this third guide of the Arbitrum series, we’ll walk you through obtaining your unique Web3 identity on Arbitrum.

As you may already know, crypto wallet addresses are long strings of random numbers and case-insensitive letters that are easier to remember with tools. An identifier is created to solve this issue. While there are several Web3 identifiers available, on Arbitrum, the first and only (as of now) identifier is ARB ID. It is a name service provider built on the Arbitrum network that aims to revolutionize decentralized identities in the ecosystem.

As mentioned in previous guides, it’s important to note that on-chain interactions, including minting an ARB ID domain name, do not guarantee a spot for Arbitrum’s airdrop. Thus, to maximize your chances of receiving the airdrop, the catch is to interact and participate in as many projects as possible within the Arbitrum ecosystem. Additionally, obtaining an ARB ID domain name may also potentially qualify you for SPACE ID‘s airdrop, a decentralized identity project invested in by Binance Labs, the incubation program of the world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance.

Steps to Mint an ARB ID Domain Name

1. Visit ARB ID and connect your wallet.

2. If you have not already, the Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) wallet will prompt you to add the Arbitrum network.

3. Once connected, enter the domain name you wish to mint. Keep in mind that you cannot mint a domain name that has already been registered by someone else.

4. Choose your preferred domain name and proceed. The cost of the domain name will vary depending on its length. For instance, a domain name with 3 letters and digits costs $500 per year, while a domain name with 4 letters and digits costs $100. Domain names with 5 or more letters and digits cost only $5 per year, so consider registering one with more letters and digits to save money.

5. Confirm the transaction.

6. Click “Register” to mint your domain name.

7. Confirm the transaction again.

8. Wait for a few moments, and you’re done! You can view your Arbitrum domain name by clicking “Manage Profile.”

9. By default, the first domain name you minted will become your primary domain name on Arbitrum. However, you can mint or purchase additional domain names and freely switch between them as needed.

10. If you are interested in purchasing a fancy domain name, check out the Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) NFT Market. Please note that the price may be higher than $5, depending on the uniqueness of the domain name. Also, Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) is currently running a 6-month zero-trading fee campaign to support the development of the Arbitrum ecosystem.

Closing Words

That’s it for this guide! Obtaining an ARB ID domain name is a great way to secure your unique Web3 identity on Arbitrum and potentially qualify for airdrops. Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) hopes you found this guide helpful and informative. Stay tuned for more airdrop guides in the future!

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