We are pleased to announce that BitKeep and Elrond (EGLD) have officially reached an ecological partnership. BitKeep will provide Elrond (EGLD) users with a more convenient form of ecological participation.

BitKeep officially supports the mainnet of Elrond (EGLD), which will provide Elrond (EGLD) users with a more convenient trading method and ecological project participation experience. Users can directly participate in ecological projects for transactions through BitKeep. At the same time, BitKeep will support more Elrond (EGLD) projects and fully support the creation of the richest Elrond (EGLD) ecosystem.

About BitKeep

BitKeep is a world-leading decentralized multi-chain digital wallet, dedicated to providing safe and convenient one-stop digital asset management services to users around the world. At present, there are more than 5 million users, covering more than 200 countries, supporting 40+ mainstream public chains, more than 45,000+ crypto assets, and 8,000+ DApps. Committed to creating the world’s largest decentralized traffic portal.

About Elrond(EGLD)

Elrond is a blockchain network build with the genuine state sharding scheme for practical scalability, eliminating energy and computational waste while ensuring distributed fairness through a Secure Proof of Stake (SPoS) consensus.

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BitKeep official website:https://bitkeep.com/

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BitKeep is supporting Nervos CKB

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