This guide will walk you through the process of getting all the Discord roles in the official Arbitrum community.

Before diving into this guide, be sure to check out the first guide “Arbitrum Airdrop Guide – Cross-Chain Bridge” if you have not already.

The second guide of the Arbitrum series will walk you through the process of getting all the Discord roles in the official Arbitrum community. Discord, or “DC” for short, is a platform where you can connect with other community members, acquire information, ask questions, and exchange ideas. While obtaining all the DC roles does not guarantee that you will receive Arbitrum’s airdrop, it is still worth a try! Keep in mind that there are costs associated with obtaining all the roles, so please proceed with caution. Using a PC or laptop is recommended for completing the guide.

This is what your Discord handle will look like after completing this guide!

Steps to Acquire Arbitrum’s Discord Roles

1. Visit and click “Join guild to get roles”.

2. Connect your Discord account by logging in or registering a new account.

3. Connect your browser wallet.

4. Connect your Twitter account and join the guild.

5. Join the official Arbitrum Discord channel and verify yourself by clicking the Arbitrum logo.

6. Head to the “Roles” channel and click “Represent Your Community”.

7. Most roles require you to hold a small number of tokens. You don’t need to swap those tokens individually, as a smart contract has been developed to purchase all the requested coins in one go.
Before accessing the smart contract, you need to have ETH on Arbitrum. You can bridge your ETH as shown in the first guide or use BitKeep Swap to complete cross-chain swaps effortlessly while enjoying the best price.

8. After getting ETH on Arbitrum, access the smart contract. Select the “Contract” tab, then “Write Contract” and “Connect to Web3” to connect your wallet.

9. Enter “0.0025 ETH” and click “Write”. The cost is approximately $4-$5, including gas fees, to purchase the bundle of tokens.

10. This step is easy and free of charge. Copy the brackets of loves by hovering your mouse over them and clicking. Head to your Twitter profile page and paste them after your Twitter username.

11. Head back to to update your roles. You will notice that three roles are left out – Arbitnaut, Elk Fam and Swapr Fam.

For the “Arbinaut” role, you can purchase the required NFT at BitKeep NFT Market. The cost may vary depending on the NFT floor price. BitKeep is currently running a 6-month zero-trading fee campaign to support the development of the Arbitrum ecosystem. Stay tuned for the next guide on purchasing NFT on the Arbitrum mainnet.

For the “Elk Fam” and “Swapr Fam” roles, you can click on the “Purchase” button to buy these two tokens directly. It costs approximately $2, including gas fees.

12. Repeat step 6 (back to the Discord “Roles” channel). Now your roles are updated, and congratulations on obtaining all of them!

Closing Words

It takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes to complete this guide, an easy one, I would say. Remember, claiming all the DC roles involved costs and do not guarantee you Arbitrum’s airdrop, but it is worth trying. Wish us all luck for a successful Arbitrum harvest!

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