What is BKSwap Trading Reward?

BKSwap Trading Reward is the reward users obtain when they finish a BKSwap transaction. BitKeep will reward users who trade on BKSwap according to the smart contract distribution rules to encourage users to adopt BKB and participate in related events.

For the latest BKSwap tutorial, please see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5expUiioV8

When will this BKSwap Trading Reward event be held?

The first round of BKSwap Trading Reward event will kick off on Nov 29, 2021 at 12:00 PM (GMT+8). Users who complete a transaction in BKSwap will be rewarded with BKB.

How to get BKSwap Trading Reward?

1. Download and launch BitKeep, tap Swap on the menu bar at the bottom to start make a transaction with BKSwap. Users who complete a transaction in BKSwap during the event will be rewarded with BKB.

2. How to check your BKSwap Trading Rewards?

1) Launch BitKeep, and tap the BKB icon at the top of the landing page to enter the BKSwap Trading Reward event page; OR

2) Upgrade BitKeep to the latest version. Launch BitKeep, and tap Swap at the bottom of the landing page to go to the BKSwap section, where you can see the BKSwap Trading Reward event banner and the BKB icon at the top of the page, tap either the event banner or the icon to go to event page.

3. In the “Trading Reward” event page, you can see everything about your gains. Tap Claim to get your rewards.

4. After claiming your BKB rewards, go to Cloud Wallet to check them. If you haven’t activated your Cloud Wallet, simply tap the NAV bar in the top right corner of the landing page, then choose Cloud Wallet to activate it.

Note: You can also transfer your BKB from your Cloud Wallet to an ETH/BSC address.

For more how-to information about BitKeep Cloud Wallet, please visit: https://bitkeepblog.medium.com/?p=79771d2baedb

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BKSwap Trading Reward Event
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