The 3rd wave of BitKeep Blind Box activity — Gift Packages for New BKB Users will be launched soon. New users can receive generous gifts through this Event. Please download BitKeep to create a wallet, and collect your share of 100,000 BKB!

BKB is the token generated in the BitKeep’s ecosystem, it can be used as a means of payment and the proof of membership to claim various benefits. BKB holders will have a say in the ecosystem. They will also enjoy multiple staking perks, one-tap-to-mine features, access to quality projects’ IWOs and more. (For more information of BKB, please visit


Nov. 30, 2021 at 17:00 to Dec. 7, 2021 at 23:59 (GMT+8)

How to participate:1. Download BitKeep apps.

2. Create a wallet in BitKeep. Then tap any coin to enter the coin page, a popup will appear for you to claim a blind box.

3. Invite a certain number of friends to help before the blind box expires to unlock it. You and your friends will all get a share of the BKBs in the blind box. you can receive up to 600 BKB for each blind box unlocked. The BKB rewarded will be deposited to your BitKeep Cloud Wallet.

Note: Users must activate their cloud wallet in BitKeep app to receive BKBs (if you have not activated your cloud wallet, simply tap the NAV bar in the top right corner on the landing page, then choose Cloud Wallet to activate it)

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BitKeep Blind Box for Newcomers, Wave 4

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