BitKeep brand new blind box officially launched on 13 Dec, 2021, new rules, unique invitation link, the more you invite, the more rewards you will get. No limits of the rewards, get a change to get generous BKB.

1. Launch BitKeep app, tap the blind box icon on the top, or tap the Nav bar and select “Blind Box” to go to Blind Box page.

2.Tap the blind box popped up, then share your QR code or link to invite your friends so that they could contribute by fill in their BitKeep Cloud Wallet addresses. (Click the link to create a BitKeep Cloud Wallet With a randomly-assigned number of friends manage to make contribution, the blind box will unlock, and you and your friends will get a share of the BKB inside.

3. You will then get a new blind box, and you can invite more friends with your QR code or link to unlock the new box.

4. The BKB in the unlocked boxes will be deposited in your Cloud Wallet. If you haven’t activated your Cloud Wallet, please tap Cloud Wallet in the NAV bar to activate it.


1. Each Cloud Wallet address will only be deemed valid for once
2. Each IP address will only be deemed valid for once
3. Users cannot contribute with Cloud Wallets created before Dec. 13, 2021
BitKeep reserves the final right to interpret the rules of this event.
BitKeep reserves the right to disqualify any user who cheats, is suspected of cheating, or violates any of the BitKeep rules and regulations.

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