We are happy to announce that BitKeep has reached a partnership with Skiff.

Skiff offers Skiff Mail, a service featuring open-source code, end-to-end encryption, data privacy protection, etc., allowing users to use BitKeep account to log in, send and receive emails. ENS addresses are also supported. In order to lower the threshold and facilitate usage, Skiff supports the registration and storage mode of Web2 and Web3 at the same time, and enables one-click migration of Google Drive files.

If you sign up for Skiff with your BitKeep wallet, you automatically get an Ethereum E-mail address with the suffix @bitkeep.app. You can use this address to send and receive encrypted emails to protect your privacy.

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How to apply for a custom E-mail address with a BitKeep domain name

Download BitKeep V 7.2.6
Chinese Mainland: https://bitkeep.io/
Other regions: https://bitkeep.com/

1) Launch BitKeep and go to DApp section, select Skiff, then ETH, and enter the DApp;

2) “Sign up” and set up your account, then set your password and confirm;

3) Add a recovery email, tap “Save”. Select “Mail” > “Get Started”, and you’re in the E-mail interface where you can send and receive encrypted emails;

4) In the E-mail interface, tap the Settings icon, select “Wallet aliases” > “BitKeep” and tap “Confirm”;

5) Go back to the home page, tap the Edit icon, tap “From” to select the E-mail address with BitKeep domain.

About Skiff

Skiff is a fully end-to-end encrypted and decentralized collaboration platform. Whether you are working alone or with your team, you can create: documents, notes, wikis, and more. Skiff has a lot of other cool features like: comments, markdown support, tables, file storage and embeds. Skiff builds in privacy from the ground up but we also have everything you want and expect in a collaboration platform.

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