Slay the Dragon, the final chapter of KCC Beowulf will go live at 12:00 on Nov 7, 2022 (UTC).During this event, users can fight for their camp and win the chance to share the prize pool.

Event Time: 12:00 on Nov 7, 2022 to 10:00 on Nov 13, 2022 (UTC)

Event Rules:
1.Users can choose a Camp (The Dragon or Challengers) and increase the total Health Points or Attach Points of each Camp by donation or authorizing to fight.
2.We will take a snapshot on November 13th at 10:00 (UTC), and the winning team will get a chance to share the prize pool. The prize pool can be up to $100,000.
3.Users need to craft the Beowulf PFP NFT before they choose camps. Pay attention that a single address needs to hold at least the character NFT and 4 item NFTs to craft a PFP NFT. The uncrafted item NFTs can be swapped to potions to boost the Challengers’ attack points or trade in the MojitoSwap NTT trading market.

Event Rewards:

1. The KCC Beowulf campaign base prize pool is worth up to $100,000, which will be unlocked on a ladder basis based on the number of challengers.Details are as follows:

2. The prize pool distribution method will be decided depending on the winning camp (dragon and challengers)。If the Challengers camp wins, the user who chooses the Challengers camp will share the prize pool based on the ratio of “individual attack points/total attack points of the Challengers camp”.If the Dragon camp wins, the system will draw a lottery based on the contribution value of the user who chooses the Dragon camp (attack points provided by PFP & health points increased by donations). For every 100 points contributed, users can get one lottery ticket.

3. The rewards will be airdropped to the user’s KCC wallet address within 5 business days after the event ends.

How to use the BitKeep app to join the final chapter of KCC Beowulf

Download and install the latest version of BitKeep Chrome extension. 
How to download and install BitKeep Chrome Extension
Note: You can use BitKeep Swap to swap to KCS on the KCC chain as gas fee, and you will also enjoy gas fee subsidy.

1) If you’re already a holder of Beowulf Character NFT, visit Beowulf website , click “Connect Wallet”, then choose “BitKeep”

2) Scroll down on the page to locate “Join Now” and click the button. Click “Craft Your Profile” and you can see a pop-up.

You can check all the NFTs you received in the KCC Beowulf event here. And just select 4 items NFT and click “Craft”, you will get a PFP NFT.

3)When you craft successfully, you can choose a camp and fight for them. For example, if you want to fight with “The Challenger”, you should click “Authorized to Fight” > “Confirm” just like the following pictures.
Note:Before 10:00 on November 12th (UTC), users can click “Cancel Authorization” to change camps as they want. After changing camps, the attack/health point will be deducted from the original camp and automatically added to the new camp.

4)Then, you can fight for your camp. Please note that “The Challenger” and “The Dragon” have different ways to increase their total points.

If you can fight for “The Dragon”, you need to donate to increase “The Dragon” total health points. Click “Donate” and put the number you want to donate, and then click the “Confirm” button.For every 0.1 KCS donated, the Dragon’s Health Points will increase by 10. A single address can donate a maximum of 10 KCS. The donation will go directly to the prize pool and will be distributed to the winning camp.

If you can fight for Challengers, you need to use potions to increase “The Challenger” total attack points.One bottle of potion can raise 10% of the attack points, and a single PFP NFT can use a maximum of 50 bottles.It is easy to use potions, just click “Use Potions” and select the number of potions you want to use, then tape “Confirm” and you will see a reminder of “Using Potion Success”.

You have 5 ways to get potions:
1. Click “Swap Potions” > “Confirm”, your uncrafted item NFTs can be swapped to potions, the number of potions is the same as the number of NFTs users have.
2. Completing the following tasks to get potions, and each address can get up to 3 bottles of potions.
3. From November 7 at 12:00 to November 10 at 12:00 (UTC), you can mint 1 bottle of potion for every 1 KCS staked on Valid users cannot mint the potion until 12:00 on November 10th.
4.Addresses that have interacted with the KCC before September 28, 2022, can mint 1 bottle of potions.
5.You can buy potions on the MojitoSwap NFT Marketplace

About KCC

KCC is a public chain project initiated and built by the KCS developer community, aiming to solve the problems of network delay and high gas fees of the Ethereum network. Based on Ethereum, KCC is compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine and smart contracts, providing community users and developers with a faster, more convenient and lower-cost blockchain experience.
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