The first round of Trading Reward event was very well received by our users. We will launch the 2nd round of the event on Dec. 20, and provide more generous rewards to our users. Users can get BKB rewards through BKSwap transactions. We will reward users who trade on BKSwap according to the smart contract distribution rules.

1.How to participate BKSwap Trading Reward?

For the latest BKSwap tutorial, please visit:

When will the 2nd round of BKSwap Trading Reward event be held?

Dec. 20, 2021 at 14:00 PM (GMT+8)

2. Rules about the trading rewards:

Invitation (Prize pool: 30WBKB) The Trading Reward events will last for 5 days. The invitation reward pool will be shared by all users with successful invitations. The rewards are calculated as follows:

For each day, a user can get: 15*number of successfully invited users + (sum of the transaction volume of all his/her invitees/GMV of all invited users)*X
in which, we consider “GMV of all invited users” as Y.

If Y is ≥ 2M and ≤ 5M USDT equivalent, X=10,000BKB

If Y is ≥ 50M and ≤ 20M USDT equivalent, X=20,000BKB

If Y is ≥ 20M and ≤ 30M USDT equivalent, X=20,000BKB

If Y is > 30M USDT equivalent, X=40,000BKB

3. How to invite?

  1. Go to BKSwap section, tap Invite Friends Now to see the detail page, tap Invite Friends Now on that page to get your unique invitation link and poster.

2) Your friend (new user) taps the link (or scan the QR code on the poster), fill in his/her ETH address as per prompted. Then he/she will try to make a valid transaction (with a pre-settlement trading amount of ≥100U) with BKSwap. After that, he or she will be considered a valid invitee, and you will get your invitation rewards.

3) You can go to the Trading Reward page in the BKSwap section to check your earned rewards (subject to final settlement).

4) If you want to see how many people you’ve invited, please tap Invite Friends Now to see the detail page

4. How to check your trading rewards?

Go to the “Trading Reward” page in Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep) to see everything about your gains.

5. How to claim your trading rewards?

Go to “Trading Reward” page and tap “Claim” button to claim your rewards.

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