As an all-in-one gateway, BitKeep will provide users with many conveniences to participate in the Beowulf event. If you choose to use BitKeep to participate in this event, you’ll also get all gas fees covered by BitKeep.

1) Download and install BitKeep Wallet. Launch it, tap “New Wallet”, then tap “Generate”; now tap “Later” (but remember to back up your mnemonic phrase later), and enter a 6-digit password;

2) Check [KCC] on the mainnet page, or search for [KCC] on this page and check it, tap [Confirm], then tap [OK];

3) You’ll be prompted to back up the mnemonic phrase again when you finish creating the wallet. Tap “Back up Now” and transcribe the words before you explore the Web3.0 world through Bitkeep;

4) Now enter the wallet, confirm that the KCC mainnet is successfully added. Go to the [DApp] section, search for [Beowulf event address] to enter the portal. (A pane about risk warning will pop up when you enter the DApp interface for the first time)

Note: KCC Beowulf portal:

Please note that you must hold some KCS, the native token of KCC, to cover the gas fee, or you cannot finish the Beowulf tasks. You can use BitKeep Swap to get some KCS with tokens you have.

In the BitKeep Swap interface, choose [KCS] [make sure to choose the one on KCC] in the “To” field and enter the amount, then tap confirm and enter your password.

BitKeep Swap will automatically find the optimal cross-chain payment channel for you.

5) Enter the Beowulf event page, click [Connect Wallet] and select [BitKeep]. Tap [Mint Beowulf] after the connection is successful to complete the first task;

6) Tap [To Do] to enter the Quest3 task interface, then tap [Connect Wallet] > [BitKeep] to select the mainnet to use, and tap [Connect];

7) After the wallet connect is done, complete the tasks of following on Twitter and joining the Tele and Discord groups. Don’t forget to tap [Verify] every time you complete a task;

8) After completing all tasks, go back to the KCC Beowulf site, and tap [Mint] to mint your Beowulf character. Tap [Return] and slide down on the page, you’ll see the Beowulf NFTs you hold.

Note: For new addresses that have not interacted with KCC before September 28, when users complete the tasks, they will each get a Beowulf character NFT and a hair style NFT.

Note: Gas fees incurred in completing the tasks will be returned to your BitKeep Cloud Wallet. You can make a withdrawal anytime by tapping Discover > Cloud Wallet and activate your Cloud Wallet. Tap here to learn how to activate the BitKeep Cloud Wallet.

Join the Beowulf campaign, all you need is BitKeep Wallet
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