On September 28th, KuCoin&KCC will hold a large-scale ecological interaction event called Beowulf. More than 20 projects on the KCC chain including DEX, lending protocols, wallets, cross-chain bridges and other sub-tracks will participate in it, bringing users a new experience, a unique ecological experience tour full of benefits.

As the largest Web3 multi-chain wallet in Asia and an important partner of the KuCoin& KCC ecosystem, BitKeep was selected as the representative of the wallet track and became an important part of the event.

Previously, BitKeep launched the warm-up publicity for Beowulf campaign. With the official start of the Beowulf campaign, BitKeep will become an important one-stop entry for the event, and users who interact with the BitKeep wallet can also enjoy benefits such as free gas fees!

About KCC Beowulf Campaign

KCC Beowulf is a 7-week KCC ecological large-scale interactive event launched on the 5th anniversary of KuCoin. More than 20 projects deployed on the KCC chain will participate, including DEX, lending protocols, wallets, cross-chain bridges and other Web3 protocols. Through this campaign, users can better understand the KCC ecosystem, and at the same time, they can also get a lot of rewards.
KCC-Beowulf Campaign entrance:https://beowulf.kcc.io/

The first part of the current tasks has been announced: From 28 Sept to 9 Oct, during the event, users can enter the Beowulf campaign interface and complete the Quest3 task list in the first stage, and then they can mint the initial character NFT of the Beowulf campaign for free. (The tasks of following stages will be officially released one after another.)

Date(SGT)DAPPTaskBeowulf Rewards
The Emergence of Challenger (9/28-10/7)BitKeep WalletCreate a BitKeep Wallet wallet, log in to the Beowulf campaign page, and complete the Quest3 task list to participate in the free mint.
(click to view the detailed tutorial)
Beowulf character NFT
Challenger Assembly (10/10-10/16)KuCoin
XY Finance
O3 Swap
Challengers need to complete specified cross-chain quests.
click to view the detailed tutorial about KuCoin
click to view the detailed tutorial about XY Finance
click to view the detailed tutorial about O3 Swap
click to view the detailed tutorial about Multichain

Conditions: Users with the highest cross-chain assets using the cross-chain bridge can mint an additional enhanced weapon NFT.
Weapon NFT

Weapon NFT Fumo
The First Fight (10/17-10/23)XY Finance
Challengers need to complete 1 swap in the specified DEX.
click to view the detailed tutorial about XY Finance
click to view the detailed tutorial about MojitoSwap
Armour NFT
Practice Makes Perfect (10/24-10/30)sKCS
Challengers need to complete staking at the specified DeFi.
click to view the detailed tutorial about sKCS
click to view the detailed tutorial about OpenLeverage
click to view the detailed tutorial about Torches
click to view the detailed tutorial about KuSwap
Background NFT
Dungeons and Challengers(10/31-11/6)BitKeepChallengers need to complete other specified interacting quests.
click to view the detailed tutorial about BitKeep
click to view the detailed tutorial about Phase 5 
Other NFTs
Slay the Dragon (11/7-11/13)TBAUsers can complete the NFT merge and burn redundant NFTs to reinforce the combat effectiveness. Complete staking at specified page to join the slay of Dragon (details coming soon)Share Beowulf huge prizes

Note: Beowulf rewards are officially announced by KCC. For weekly details, please follow KCC official twitter to share Beowulf’s huge rewards.

How to Use BitKeep Wallet to Participate in Beowulf Campaign?

As a one-stop activity portal, BitKeep will provide users with many conveniences to participate in Beowulf campaign, and users who join with the BitKeep wallet can also enjoy the benefits of free gas fees.

Note: Gas generated by interaction during the campaign will be returned to your BitKeep cloud wallet, which can be withdrawn at any time. You need to open the BitKeep wallet and click [Discover] [Cloud Wallet] to confirm the activation.
Click to see how to create a cloud wallet.

Download the latest version of BitKeep wallet
Chinese Mainland: https://bitkeep.io/
Other regions: https://bitkeep.com/

1) After downloading the BitKeep APP, open the BitKeep wallet, click [New Wallet], read the tips about the mnemonic phrase, and click [Generate];Users can choose to back up the mnemonic phrase on the current page, or back it up later. Here, we will show you the creation process of the backup later. Click [Later] and enter the 6-digit password;

2) Check [KCC] on the mainnet interface or manually search for [KCC] on this page click [Confirm] after selecting. Then click [OK];

3) After the successful creation, you will be reminded to back up the mnemonic again. Click [Backup Now], after copying the mnemonic, follow the prompts to complete the backup and start exploring the functions of BitKeep;

4) After entering the wallet, confirm that the KCC mainnet has been successfully added, click [DApp] section in the search bar and [paste/enter the Beowulf website] to enter the page.
(A risk prompt will pop up when entering the DApp interface for the first time)
After entering the event page, click [Connect Wallet] and select [BitKeep]. If the wallet is successfully connected, you can participate in this event;
Note: KCC Beowulf event entrance:https://beowulf.kcc.io/

About KCC

KCC is a public chain project initiated and built by the KCS developer community, aiming to solve the problems of network delay and high gas fees of the Ethereum network. Based on Ethereum, KCC is compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine and smart contracts, providing community users and developers with a faster, more convenient and lower-cost blockchain experience.

About BitKeep

BitKeep is the single largest Web3.0 multi-chain crypto wallet in Asia. Thanks to its safety, ease of use, and rich assets, it is a long-favored solution for more than 6 million global users in 168 countries. BitKeep has forged strategic partnerships with the world’s top 30 mainnets such as Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and BNB Chain, becoming their authorized wallet. BitKeep integrates5 major modules of “Wallet”, “Swap”, “NFT Market”, “DApp” and “Discover”, BitKeep supports 70+ mainnets, 15,000+ DApp, 1,000,000+ NFT and 250,000+ tokens. It also boasts popular features including DEX chart, InstantGas Swap, and NFT Trading Dividends. It’s the vision of BitKeep to provide the safest and most convenient one-stop service for global crypto investors.
Website: https://bitkeep.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BitKeepOS
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/gUQB7gUarR
Telegram: https://t.me/bitkeep
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BitKeep/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bitkeep_global/

The BitKeep Treasure Hunt Journey kicks off, come and claim GameFi Gift Package worth $15,000
How to use the BitKeep app to join the Beowulf event

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