The current NFT market is like a mixed bag, and many Free Mint projects that were born out of nowhere dominate the OpenSea trading volume rankings. The floor prices of these projects have skyrocketed, and the price of the most famous Goblin peaked at 8 ETH. After that there was a wave of Free Mint frenzy.

In order to help users participate in Free Mint of popular NFT projects, and seize the best investment opportunities, BitKeep now adds a Free Mint section. Each phase of BitKeep Free Mint will screen out 6-7 high-quality Free Mint projects for everyone to facilitate users to participate in with one-click, BitKeep has selected high-quality FreeMint aggregation tools for users and launched a special area in DApp. These tools include:, 911NFTClub, Oxalus, Exodia,, Minty, Seabook. The first phase of Free Mint event is now open, and everyone is invited to participate in the Free Mint.

Let’s take a look at the projects worth paying attention to in the first phase of BitKeep Free Mint!

Duration: Sept 1st – Sept 15th 2022 24:00(GMT+8)

Event Link:

The first phase of Free Mint Projects:

-Humpty Dumpties
Humpty Dumpties is a collection of Ethereum NFTs shaped by the community. Each Humpty is generated from over 200 features, including heads, eyes, mouths, clothes, walls.

MushGang is a collection of 6556 utility-enabled PFP and community-driven projects! Enter the unknown world and unveil the mysteries of MushGang! Each MushGang makes you part of the larger MushVille ecosystem. Upcoming launches of $MUSH, Bloom, Staking, Burning and MushMarket will be waiting for you on the way to MushVille!

777 Genesis Utility Software Saphire, Saphire will invest 80% of the profits in the utility of the project, which can give you more benefits, like WhiteList Marketplace/$ICE Token/Node/NFT alpha/analysis/P2E Game/NFT Tools/..

With a total supply of 5555, Caveman relies on its 3D art for the development of the first NFT art incubator on the Solana network. Our motivation is to promote projects that are distinctive and relevant in both digital arts and sustainable service to the community.

Beans offers a total supply of 5555, 5 racial characters with hundreds of different character traits!

How to enter the BitKeep Free Mint area to participate in the event

Open BitKeep to enter the NFT Section, click [Free Mint Banner] to enter the event page, select the item you like and click [Mint];Enter the Mint interface to connect the wallet and mint;

How to view the Free Mint Tools section

Open BitKeep and enter the DApp page, select [Free Mint Tool] [View all], and select your favorite aggregation platform;

Note: The Free Mint project has high risks, please evaluate your own risks and ensure the security of your wallet. Do not Fomo and cause loss.

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