In the past two years, Korea has witnessed rapid progress in NFTs. With an advanced high-tech industry, and popular culture encompassing video games, music, and dancing, the country has become a paradise for NFTs. According to Google Trends, Korean users are ranked among the top five across the globe in terms of interest in purchasing NFTs, their search interest in NFTs is much higher than that in other crypto keywords. Both tech giants (such as Samsung and LG) and game developers (such as Krafton) have participated in NFTs through investments and/or R&D.

Valuing the Korean market and focusing on the NFT segment, BitKeep, the top Web 3.0 multi-chain wallet in Asia, launched a 15-day Korean NFT Week (K-NFT) event. Eight popular local NFT projects, namely SuperWalk, KlayCity, KlayDice, Altava, DAVA, SheepFarmMeta, Tracer, and Marine Blues Reboot Club, were invited to this event. All of them are from favored fields such as metaverse, virtual lands, move-and-earn (M&E), play-to-earn (P2E), and profile pictures (PFP).

An assembly of eight Korean NFT projects

This event has a total of four stages:

Online Roundtable: Aug. 29 – Sept. 4, online meet-ups with the eight NFT projects; theme: the development of NFTs in Korea; audience: BitKeep community

NFT Listing Week: Aug. 29 – Sept. 4, a prize pool will be available. Users can get incentives by simply listing NFTs for sale in BitKeep Wallet

NFT Trading Week: Sept. 4 – Sept. 11, another prize pool will be available. Users can get incentives by simply buying NFTs in BitKeep Wallet

NFT flash sales: Available now and then. In each session, 2-3 popular NFTs will be offered at a discount below the floor prices.

K-NFT Week is intended to show the characteristics of Korean NFT to global players through the most trending NFT projects in Korea. More than half of the projects that signed up for this event are on Klaytn, a local celebrity public blockchain jointly launched by Kakao and Ground X. The former is one of the largest listed tech firms in Korea. In September 2021, Klaytn moved to the next level, namely Klaytn 2.0, with metaverse as its new positioning.

BitKeep has aggregated the Klaytn network to provide users with one-stop services including selling, purchasing, collection, and display. “Through the connection to the Klaytn mainnet, issuing, selling, and purchasing NFTs have become much simpler. Investors who hold KLAY can hopefully trade NFTs more conveniently. ”The BitKeep Korean lead said.

Thousands of Korean players have enjoyed the convenient features of NFT Market on BitKeep app to date. New users particularly like the features such as purchasing with any token, bulk listing and batch transfer, trading dividends, and the gainer ranking.

BitKeep Puts Great Efforts into NFTs

Except for Korea, BitKeep is also active in other Asian markets and even the global markets. It has served six million users in 168 countries and territories, especially those in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

According to SuperWalk that signed up for this K-NFT Week, they are expecting a larger user base across the globe after this partnership with BitKeep. DAVA, an incubating project of Hashed, the largest venture capital (VC) firm in Korea, also said that they are likely to grab a larger GameFi market share through this partnership with BitKeep.

As announced in March 2022, BitKeep made the following important moves: Launched NFT Market to provide a high-quality NFT trading channel for global creators and collectors; introduced INO, an NFT issuing platform, to give BitKeep users priority in terms of minting NFTs; implemented a mechanism for sharing transaction fee revenue, and offered differentiated incentives to NFT liquidity contributors. Through innovation in the NFT segment, BitKeep has become a favored platform for users speaking different languages.

Yet what BitKeep has done is beyond that: Cross-Chain Swap, InsantGas Swap, DEX charts, and Crypto Red Packets… By continuously meeting user demands, BitKeep has launched specific, innovative products for the global markets and is stably achieving its goal as a super gateway of Web 3.0.

While taking its unique path, BitKeep also works hand in hand with its partners for win-win results. BitKeep seeks to share its resources, boost the industry, and improve user experience through technical reform with its partners, said Kevin, the founder of BitKeep. This K-NFT Week is a good start. BitKeep hopes to have in-depth cooperation with more global partners to jointly build an ecosystem with benign development in the world of Web 3.0.

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