BitKeep, the top Asian Web3.0 multi-chain wallet, will launch the world’s first K-NFT Week (Korean NFT Week) on August 29. In this event, BitKeep will join hands with Tracer(Move-and-Earn web3 project on Polygon&NEAR) to guide the global blockchain enthusiasts to explore the future of K-NFT, and demonstrate the charm of K-NFT to the world.

BitKeep NFT Market supports NFTs on five mainnets (ETH, BSC, HECO, Polygon, and Klaytn) while allowing users to purchase NFTs with any token.

In this K-NFT Week event, Tracer brings $3900 worth of NFTs and $1,000 token to reward BitKeep users. Welcome to list/trade NFT at BitKeep NFT market to get double benefits.

TRACER is the 1st M2E 2.0 Move & Earn NFT project based on NEAR.

TRACER is the most sustainable web3 fitness and lifestyle app with inbuilt NFT gaming and Social-Fi elements where you can earn rewards in token or NFTs just by moving such as walking, jogging, and running.

TRACER makes a sustainable Move-to-Earn model, which we now call a Move-And-Earn model by several game/social elements.

TRACER’s 3D shoes NFT connects the Metaverse and the Real World. One shoe NFT is composed of 4 NFT pieces along with attachable accessories! Each shoe looks different and has a variety of designs and abilities.




About BitKeep K-NFT Week

BitKeep Korean NFT Week is an NFT campaign jointly launched by BitKeep and popular projects in South Korea. During the event, you can get the latest K-NFT market intelligence, participate in airdrop activities, purchase NFTs at the lowest prices, and trade to win NFTs and more. BitKeep Korean NFT Week focuses on the Korean NFT collections and is committed to bringing the most enriched and interesting K-NFT activities to global NFT enthusiasts.

BitKeep K-NFT Week duration: August 29, 2022-September 14, 2022

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About BitKeep NFT Market

BitKeep NFT Market, the first NFT marketplace in the blockchain world to allow the purchase of NFT with any token while providing a platform for INO events, supports NFT projects on ETH, BSC, HECO, Polygon, and Klaytn. Statistically, BitKeep NFT Market has more than 200k NFTs listed for sale, more than 1.6 million NFT stored, and a monthly trading volume of $15 million, positioning itself as the largest NFT trading market on BSC, the 3rd on Polygon and the 6th in the whole blockchain industry in terms of user base and trading volume.

With the release of V7.1.7, BitKeep is holding an NFT trading event to encourage NFT trading with up to $60,000 and other tokens.

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