BitKeep and GoldeFy is holding a joint event including airdrop, trading and staking activities with a prize pool of 1000000 $GOD. On Aug 17, the first round of event is airdrop , will be launched with a prize pool of 300000 $GOD. Don’t miss it. On Aug 18, the second round of the event is trading activities ,will be launched with a prize pool of 700000 $GOD.

First round:Airdrop

prize pool:300000 $GOD

Duration:2022-08-17-2022-08-21 23:59 (UTC+8)



1,Users need to complete all tasks in gleam and create a BitKeep wallet BSC address.

2,Invite new users through BitKeep Wallet to get more rewards. All rewards will be distributed within 10 working days after the event ends.

How to use the BitKeep invitation link:

Second round:BitKeep Swap Trading Competition

prize pool:700000 $GOD

Duration:2022-08-18 00:00-2022-08-24 23:59 (UTC+8)

Rules:On the GOD page, tap Buy/Sell to jump to the Swap interface;GOD address:0x2aaa5cb023cf458e7dfa765fd48b64cd95995ab7

1,Trade > 30U worth of GOD on Bitkeep Swap,

get 10U-worth of GOD as reward > 300U,

get 20U > 500U get 30U > 1000U get 50U > 2,000U,

get 100u > 5,000U, get 200u > 10,000U,

get 500u (For the first two users only)

2,The prize pool is limited, and the rewards are ranked according to the transaction amount, and the distribution ends.

3,Each user can only get one transaction reward, and the reward will be issued within 7 working days.

How to trade (buy/sell) in BitKeep

BitKeep & INKEVERSE Trading Event
BitKeep holds an INO event for OutSad to deliver double benefits and free orders  

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