The INO will kick off at 10PM(UTC+8) on August 15. All BitKeep users are automatically whitelisted. With a total supply of 200, each BitKeep address can mint up to 5 pieces. Don’t miss it!

The INO starts at: 10PM(UTC+8) August 15, 2022

Cost: 0.15ETH

Max. number of mint per address: 5

How to participate

1) Launch BitKeep app, tap NFT Market. Now tap Mint in the upper left corner, and tap the Kaiju Legends event banner to go to the event interface;

2) After the event starts, tap “Mint”, then tap “Confirm” and enter your password;

3) When you’re done with the minting, go back to the Mint page, and tap the History icon to check out your minting record and minting progress;

How to check out INO info

Scroll down on the event page to see info like About the Project, Cost, Rules, and Countdown.

About Kaiju Legends

A colorful multiverse where art, story, toys and gaming come together. Kaiju Legends is an interactive community project that centers around blockchain technology.The core tenets of this are:

  • Incredible, high quality PixelKaiju art — celebrated by both commercial and artistic markets.
  • A curated collection of NFT avatars, with over 500 traits to choose from.
  • A community of enthusiasts and early adopters who support our mission to honour the legacy of the most celebrated NFT collections in history.
  • The creation of the Kaiju Coin, an Ethereum-based token that will become the currency of the Kaiju Legends ecosystem.
  • Kaiju Legends Arena: a four-person multiplayer arena battle game, set in the PixelKaiju world — developed by an experienced team of professionals.



Official website:

BitKeep NFT Market reserves the right of the final decision and interpretation of this INO event.

BitKeep Swap has aggregated with MeshSwap
BitKeep is supporting Ethereum Classic(ETC) with a $15,000 ETC airdrop event

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