BitKeep is launching its first genesis NFT offering project. Zzoopers, this genesis NFT offering has a total of 200 whitelist spots. All BitKeep users can mint the NFT as whitelisted users.

Project Zzoopers, a total of 5555 NFTs, containing 10 different kinds of animals. Whitelisted users will be able to mint an NFT at the cost of 0.1 ETH. The cost per piece for other users is 0.15 ETH. Zzoopers NFTs will also launchpad on KucoinWindvane.

In order to celebrate the first genesis NFT offering on BitKeep, this event will also be subsidized by the BitKeep $1,000,000 Incentives program, which means Polygon Warrior holders will enjoy extra discounts!

If you haven’t got BitKeep wallet yet, download the app at now!

INO Time: 11:00 AM(UTC)on July 11, 2022

Available on BitKeep: 200

Venue: BitKeep Wallet

Minting cost: 0.1 ETH; 0.08 ETH for Polygon Warrior holders.

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