All tokens and NFTs in the wallet addresses you accessed with BitKeep 7.2.9 must be moved to the new addresses, otherwise there may still be a risk of being stolen! You’re advised to delete the old wallet address when all transfers are completed to avoid misuse in the future

Through the support provided, BitKeep will provide Kava Network(KAVA) users may access the Injective DApp in the BitKeep Dapp browser for fast, cross-chain, low-cost financial market creation.

The Ethereum Merge is expected to happen today on September 15. BitKeep users need to take no upgrading actions and your assets will remain intact. Considering the uncertainties of The. Read more

Recently, BitKeep has noticed that there are several new NFT fraud patterns. Here are some examples:

1) Airdrop phishing. A user may get an NFT through airdrop for free. He/she will then receive a message about someone trying to buy the NFT at an attractive price. By interacting with the other party, he/she may fall into a trap;

2) Free mint NFT scam. Scammers create a FOMO feeling to lure users to participate in a deceptive Mint, thus getting access to their wallets and draining their funds;