BitKeep has launched a blind box section in our wallet app for us to hold blind box events now and then. During each event, new users who create a wallet on BitKeep will have the opportunity to get blind boxes and harvest their first digital assets.

Dfinity’s ICP is a high-performance blockchain network with a cloud platform Serverless positioning. Through excellent consensus algorithm and architecture design, and self-developed programming language polished after various optimizations, ICP can ensure the security and high performance of applications on the network.

No one knows what will happen with Web3, and most Web3 users have no idea what they want, just as it took Web2 users a long time to realize that their privacy was being violated with such recklessly. The recent flood of funding for privacy projects has actually brought the need for privacy to the forefront and made more people aware that in the future, a better Internet will require privacy.

It may still take time for technologies like VR, AI, and 5G to mature before we can jump into metaverse.Still, REALY offers a new way to enter a metaverse.By focusing on Street Culture, REALY propose metaverse as a venue to enjoy Fashion and live a new life.This brand new business model may still need time to verify but the strong endorsement from the investments has armed REALY capital and resources for trial-and-error.

ow fees, Arbitrum is seeing not only the deployment of the already popular DeFi protocols, but also the explosion of innovative applications on it. In the future of the blockchain, more applications will choose to be deployed on the Layer 2 network of Ethereum, and the public chain battle that we are focusing on now will probably become more and more a Layer 2 battle, and Arbitrum will always be a very strong player in this competition.