The Ethereum Merge is expected to happen today on September 15. BitKeep users need to take no upgrading actions and your assets will remain intact. Considering the uncertainties of The. Read more

We are proud to announced that BitKeep V7.1.5 has aggregated with MeshSwap. Up till now, BitKeep Swap supports token swap across 12 mainnets (ETH, BSC, Polygon, OEC, TRON, AVAX) and has incorporated 30 protocols, including Uniswap, SushiSwap, BabySwap, Pancake, and 7 bridges.

BitKeep is proud to announce that we have added Aurora to the list of supported mainnets.Through the support provided, BitKeep will deliver Aurora users with a convenient means for token transaction, DApp ecosystem participation, and more. Users are now able to use the DApps on Aurora network through BitKeep. At the same time, BitKeep will support more DApps from the network, representing it in its full glory. In the future, the partnership between Aurora and BitKeep will certainly go further.

BitKeep has recently introduced the over-the-counter trading feature for investors to buy USDT/USDC using fiat currencies. With BitKeep OTC, BitKeep wallet users can buy USDT and USDC using fiat currencies in 31 countries, including USD, EUR, JPY, KRW, and VND.

BitKeep NFT Market is the first trading platform on the entire network that supports the purchase of NFTs with any token. Statistically, BitKeep NFT Market has more than 120k NFTs listed for sale, more than 1.2 million NFT stored, and $15 million monthly trading volume, positioning itself as the largest NFT trading market on BSC, the 3rd on Polygon and the 6th in the whole blockchain industry in terms of user base and trading volume.

BitKeep has launched an invitation activity. You can share your exclusive download page or the invitation code with your friends, and then share the rewards with them! Hurry up and invite your friends NOW.